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Male Hair Loss

What are the reasons for hair fall in male

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Thank you for your question. As you have mentioned, you have hair loss problem since 3 to 4 years. It is good that you are aware of your problem & consulted few doctors, but unfortunately, you have not got proper solution for your problem. Will be very happy to guide you on this. Hair loss may occur because of various causes. No, any single factor is responsible for hair loss.

Hair loss may be Hereditary means if anybody in your family is having baldness you are more prone to become bald. Hair loss may be genetic, Stress-induced, due to nutritional deficiencies, Hormonal, due to various skin diseases, medicine induced, etc. Not every hair loss will give baldness. Baldness happens when the hair follicle becomes completely dead. This happens mainly in male & female pattern hair loss, which is also called as androgenetic alopecia, means baldness due to Hereditary & genetic causes. This type of baldness happens due to an action of DHT [Dihydrotestesteron on healthy hair follicle].

What are the causes of hair loss in men


In Male pattern hair loss, Testosterone gets converted into dihydrotestosterone under the action of enzyme 5 Alpha-reductase. Hair follicles which are susceptible to the action of DHT, these follicles get shortened & gradually becomes thin & falls out completely from the follicle. This follicle gradually becomes dead & loses its capacity to grow hair. When this happens patient notices, receding of the frontal hairline, temporal recession, mid-scalp thining, crown thinning, this we term as Male pattern Hair loss. 60 % of a patient having hair loss is of Pattern baldness. Minoxidil & finasteride are the mainstays of treatment in treating pattern baldness.

But other  40 % of patient who suffers from hair loss, having a nutritional deficiency of various vitamins, stress-induced, medicinal, Telogen effluvium, or dues to other skin diseases etc. These causes can be controlled with vitamin therapy, lifestyle management & treating the underlying cause.

So, in order to get proper solution for your problem, you have to first understand your Hair loss causes. We request you to consult a board-certified dermatologist, who will do your trichoscopic examination, blood investigations, Hair pulls test to understand & diagnose a cause of your hair loss. Depending upon the causes, he can guide you best treatment to control your hair loss problem.

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