Is hair transplant successful in India?


Hair Transplant, Questions, Treatment | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 5, 2021

You are finding difficulty with baldness problem and thinking to get a hair transplant done? A hair transplant is a major life-changing decision. In fact, if you are also looking for hair transplant surgery then you need to be emotionally and mentally fit. More than the financial investment it is an emotional investment. Now you are getting confused about is hair transplant successful surgery or not? I will explain to you in details about how you can make your hair transplant successful and have a natural look.  

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Hair transplant success: Depends on which Parameters

Let’s discuss the points to get a natural and successful hair transplant.

1) Before Hair Transplant, the evaluation procedure:

During the consultation with the surgeon, your doctor will do a scalp examination, and explain to you the success rate to the patients.

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2) Success depends on the objectives

To start with some patients walk in merely to accentuate their self-esteem, and some simply to ensure that they do not bald at a very early age.  A good surgeon will always ask you what your aim is and then accordingly go for either a Follicular Unit Extraction or a Follicular Unit Transplant. 

3) Your hair, your care

As the hair transplant surgery takes several hours or a day to be completed with a lot of efforts by the surgeon. On the same day, you can go home after the surgery, but make sure to follow the guidelines of your doctor. Your doctor will help you in to speed up your recovery by doing the examination.

  • Removing the bandage from the transplanted area.
  • Check the swelling on your face or the surgery area.
  • Give you some pain killers if required.

4) Post hair transplant care

Even if your surgeons do their best and you have a successful Follicular Unit Extraction or a FUT, and if you do not pay heed to the after guide and follow the instructions– then your hair transplant may fail. It’s very important to follow each step and then accordingly the guidelines.

5) It’s all about how you feel after hair transplant: 

It is also extremely important to remember that the success rate highly depends on what you feel after the transplant. As hair transplant will boost your personality. You should know that to obtain the success of your hair transplant surgery:

“Skills of Surgeon + Clinic Infrastructure + Technology used+ Efforts Put by Patient after Hair Transplant procedure  = Success of Hair Transplant”

The success rate of hair transplant is not the number but the satisfaction a surgeon they achieve.  The success rate depends on many parameters like :

  • Clinic infrastructure plays a very important role to provide good surgery.
  • The technology used by the clinic during the surgery.
  • The surgeon who will be doing the surgery is most important.
  • Your contribution and support to take care after a hair transplant.

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