Does Smoking cause hair loss?


Male Hair Loss, Questions, Treatment | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 4, 2021

Nowadays hair is considered the biggest asset in everyone’s life. Hair changes a person’s personality and gives good confidence in one’s life. Today’s fast-moving world getting involved in many so-called stress-buster habits, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, etc. Which are really harmful to a person’s health. Many questions strike in a person’s mind, does smoking cause hair loss is one of it. So let’s see does it really causes hair loss?

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Does smoking cause hair loss

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The life cycle of your hair

Relationship between smoking and hair loss

Does hair grow back after quitting smoking?

I Dr. Dhananjay Chavan, with 30 years of experience will guide you about Hair Life Cycle, Hair Loss, and how smoking relates to it. Having healthy hair needs lots of effort and dedication. Our hairs give us 80% of our looks and give us confidence as gives us a good personality to face the world.

The Life Cycle Of Your Hair

The Life cycle of your hair consists of 3 phases :

  • The first phase – Anagen  (i.e. growing period)
  • The second phase – Catagen (i.e. intermediate period)
  • The third phase – Telogen (i.e. shedding or resting period).

Generally, hair grows half an inch in one month. Each new hair that grows has approx 6 to 7 years of its life cycle then follows the other two phases before following down. Hair fall is rapidly increasing day by day in all countries and cities. Smoking is one of the most important reasons which triggers hair loss. 38% of the population is suffering from hair loss drastically.


Relationship Between Smoking And Hair Loss

  • Smoking is really bad for our health and causes lots of damage to our skin, hair, heart, and lungs also. Due to nicotine and carbon monoxide chemicals, through the bloodstream, they reach our lungs and which restricts oxygen levels also.
  • Smoking causes our vital organs like kidneys, brain, heart, etc also get tend to get less blood circulation and which affects the body’s functions also.
  • Poor blood flow is also one of the biggest reasons for hair fall.
  • Smoking reduces the nutritional values of food and due to this our hairs tend to become pale and weak and they fall off before they reach the telogen phase. Smoking fastens the telogen phase in our body.
  • Premature aging of hair is also seen because of smoking.
  • Smoking affects the DNA of hair follicles.
  • Smoking affects our immune system which scalp might get affected by bacterial and fungal infections.

Due to smoking our health goes for a toss and which starts affecting the other parts of our body and makes our body shrink and aggravates the aging process also. To avoid this one must quit smoking and do some healthy dietary and lifestyle modifications.

Does Hair Grow Back After Quitting Smoking?

  • The effects of smoking on hair include a reduced supply of blood and nutrients to the hair follicles, damage to the DNA, which affects hair growth, and fluctuations in certain hormones that are instrumental in healthy hair growth.
  • Smoking leads to reduced blood circulation around the body, which can be damaging to your hair and skin. Smoking affects the DNA, which can have adverse effects on hair growth. Moreover, the smoke from cigarettes hampers the hair texture. Toxins in cigarette smoke affect estrogen levels in women, leading to hair thinning. Smoking effects on the hair include brittle and dry hair, greying of hair, and hair loss. So, does smoking cause balding? Yes, it is one of the factors that can hamper hair growth, leading to loss of hair and baldness. Does nicotine cause hair loss? Smoking tobacco adversely affects the hair follicles and increases the risk of experiencing hair loss.
  • Stopping smoking helps restore hair growth. Once you quit smoking, the flow of blood and nutrients to the hair follicles is restored. This means, the hair is well-hydrated and gets the required nourishment, thus helping the hair grow back.
  • In women, quitting smoking helps restore estrogen levels, thus reversing the thinning of hair. So, does the hair grow back after quitting smoking? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Does the hair grow thicker after quitting smoking? Yes, when you stop smoking, the hair growing back is thicker and healthier.
  • How long does it take for the hair to grow back after quitting smoking? It takes about 6 to 9 months for the restoration of hair growth after breaking the habit of smoking.

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