What is Minoxidil shedding?


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Nowadays, hair loss has become common and tremendously seen in people. There are various treatments and medications are prescribed for the growth of hair or to reduce the hair loss. Minoxidil is one of them. When you are prescribed to use Minoxidil for your hair loss, you should be aware of its phases, side effects. Many people while using it, face minoxidil shedding. There is a good reason for minoxidil shedding. So Don’t be panic, it’s perfectly normal. 

Minoxidil shedding is just a part of the regrowth cycle. During the normal hair growth cycle, shedding takes place. On an average daily 100 hair strands to fall is very normal. And even then new hairs also should grow back to avoid from hair fall. It just means that the telogen phase has ended and anagen is next to start.

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is one of the most widely used medication for hair fall. When we talk about it, this is one of the US FDA approved medications. Many people facing hair loss use this medication, without a dermatologist prescription. which can result in some side-effects aswell. Always make sure don’t start any medication blindly without  consulting a dermatologist .


You can find minoxidil in different %, (from 2%, 5%, and 10%). Depending on the patient’s hair condition Dermatologists prescribes the dosage. Even during pregnancy minoxidil is not prescribed. Initially, dermatologists start with low %, i.e. 2%. But as you progress with the result then dermatologist may increase the medication dosage.

What happens during minoxidil shedding?

Firstly, minoxidil is not an instant fix to hair loss and male pattern baldness. Mostly, men will start seeing results within 4-6 months of using this product. There are some cases where men will notice that their hair is falling out, and this phenomenon is known as the minoxidil shedding phase. The minoxidil hair shedding is expected and it’s an important sign that you are growing new and healthy strands of hair.

What is the duration of the minoxidil shedding cycles?

The good news about minoxidil shedding is that it ends early for most men. It will start during the initial parts of your treatments, more specifically two to eight weeks after the treatment. The shedding should subside once the eight weeks are done. You must continue using the treatment as prescribed by your doctor, and be patient. Most men will start seeing results within six months, while others will see results in a year. Ensure that you go for regular follow-ups to your dermatologist, to understand your progress and if the dosage is working for you or not.

How Common is Minoxidil Shedding?

Minoxidil shedding is normal and common within initial days of usage of minoxidil. It is something that happens in the initial days of treatment. Typically, you can say as in the first 2-8 weeks of usage, but that will subside as treatment continues.

The two common mistakes made by people while using Minoxidil are:

  1. People trying Minoxidil for first time don’t give it enough time. : Some people have seen favorable results in as early as two months. Whereas most people find optimum effect and most visible results after 4-6 months during treatment. So one has to be patient, and do not stop the use in between the course of treatment.
  2. Patients panic when they face minoxidil shedding: The effect of topical Minoxidil on the hair follicles, in the early stages of application. So don’t panic and keep using it. But, if you face a lot of hair shedding, definitely you should confer with your dermatologist.To learn more about minoxidil treatment and other medications for hair loss, book a consultation with a HairMD expert.

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