sir i have been using minioxidil 5% solution on my temple side of the hair for past 8 months, but still it shows no sign of regrowth, should i continue the medication or stop it?


Male Hair Loss- Questions, Questions, Treatment | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 4, 2021

Usually majority of people ask us for how many days i should apply Minoxidil First and foremost thing remember FDA approved 5% Minoxidil in males for baldness on vertex area. whenever there is thinning or baldness starting on vertex area Minoxidil works very nicely majority of people. Usually Minoxidil 5% does not work in the frontoparietal area or the frontal area or thinning in that area or it usually may not prevent  receding hair line it is working very good on vertex area.

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So along Minoxidil also very difficult to prevent further loss. If Minoxidil start working if it useful in you if you are having baldness male pattern baldness then Minoxidil usually works within two months times or in few patients it may takes three to four months time then excess hair loss will be stop second important thing the vellus hair will start turning  in to terminal hair especially on the vertex area or growth will start If you do not find any result in two months time or four months time or 5 months time then it is better to stop Minoxidil because it is not giving result in your case not all 100% patients who use, Minoxidil they will get result due to Minoxidil it is not like that there are limitation of  Minoxidil also if it works then it will work within two to four months time if it does not work in two to four months time yes there your likely that you may not get result with Minoxidil topical application of 5% Minoxidil.

So Minoxidil how many days you have to apply if Minoxidil gives or if it stops your  hair loss due to baldness male pattern baldness or thinning of hair due to  male pattern baldness if it gives results in you in to 2 to 4 months time then you have to continue till you want your hair to be prevented from  thinning out or you want to postponed your baldness usually minoxidil works then it can works for years together you can apply one year and  two year something like that but once you feel that Minoxidil is not working in you and if this hair loss again start then you have to stop  Minoxidil because Minoxidil is not working in your case second important thing suppose Minoxidil works in your case your hair loss is stop then continue till you want your hair on your scalp you can continue for one year two year three year four year or whatever time you want but if you stop Minoxidil then Minoxidil action will stop and lastly hair fall will again recur female.

Yes, female pattern baldness 2% Minoxidil is FDA approved they can use to prevent further thinning and further hair loss So question how much time i should continue use of Minoxidil if Minoxidil works good in you within two to four months then continue till it  stops your hair loss or it prevent further thinning or it gives very good growth in your case if it doesn’t give growth stop it don’t continue the use of Minoxidil especially in male pattern baldness on vertex area 5% Minoxidil gives better results and it is having better results so continue till you want to hair loss or continue till Minoxidil works when it stops working stop it.

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