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Prohibiting the falling out of your beloved hair strands

Apr 5, 2018

Prohibiting the falling out of your beloved hair strands

Owing to the ridiculous theories of pseudoscience we are always confused about the truth behind the study. An age where upcoming members of the male gender are putting in a lot of inputs to get an aesthetic and appealing body outlook no matter the hectic gym and the glasses of protein shake you tank in,the loss of your treasured possession that is to refer to the hair you have lived looking at for the past 30 years of your life might not exactly add up to your good mood. So what is right and what is wrong with your hair or to save your hair and is gymming affecting your hair is the topic of debate here.

Varieties of thinning inflicting your hair. What is your type?

  • Mild thinning:- Is one of them and not very alarming and can be countered over by swift and timely action.
  • Moderate thinning:- Involves an area of your scalp growing completely bald and loss of a fair chance of regrowing hair in that area.
  • Heavy thinning:- Which requires imperative measures to handle it.
  • Complete baldness:-  There no need to brood over it as there have been a lot of improvements in medical science and we have absolute solutions to your baldness like a hair transplant.

What could be the originator of hair loss?

One of the major reasons here is that as soon as you surpass that boundary of puberty your hair follicles surpass that safety zone and continue  being in the danger zone calling for your attention if you value them and this is something related to how you are built that is to talk about the genetic machinery of your body.

Apart from the genetics, consistent exposure to pollution, poor handling of hair and taking in of certain drugs could be the elements motivating it.

What are the causes of male hair loss

How to cater to hair needs to avert their loss?

  • Wash your hair daily with a mild shampoo to prevent any chances of infection or dandruff.
  • Supplement your meal with high vitamin additions and proteins for they increase your hair growth.vitamin A, B, and E are a must.
  • Massage your hair gently and regularly to nourish your follicles.
  • Do not brush or comb your wet hair as it increases the chances of hair breakage.
  • Enhance your water intake to gain healthy hair.
  • Put a stop to your smoking and drinking habits and regularly take a break from your stressful hours of work.
  • Put a bar to that sweaty head and limit your use of drying, heating and styling your for it damages the hair in the long run.
  • Meditation and ordinary exercise would also cease the hair fall.
  • Certain drugs like minoxidil and finasteride can be used to increase hair growth but should be taken only on the advice of a doctor.

How does Minoxidil work for hair growth?

In case of complete loss of hair fear not as hair transplant is within your reach.

All of this nurture your scalp enhances your hair growth while some of them have the additional benefits of the antibacterial or antifungal regimen.

So follow these steps, use your strengths to your best and stay relaxed, and no one would be any better!


  1. prashant

    Thanks for sharing an awesome article.


    hello sir, i have been constantly facing the problem of oily scalp for two years, irrespective of any weather conditions and now my hairs are falling at a faster rate than I expected. Initially ,when i started noticing , the thinning was mild but now I am noticing heavy thinning. The scalp is getting itchy day by day and whenever I put my fingers on it my confidence gets lowered every time when I see 6 to 7 strands of hair on the fingers. I am very much worried. What should I do?

    • Dr. Dhananjay Chavan

      consult a dermatologist to gain better help.
      as without doing any examination its really difficult to prescribe any medications.


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