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FUE- The most preferred method for hair transplant!

[hupso] FUE- The most preferred method for hair transplant!   As an FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon, I get a lot of queries from patients who are planning to undergo the procedure. I have penned down this article to address those queries. Often, I meet people for whom...

Why should one avoid Sun exposure after Hair Transplant

[hupso]  Why should one avoid Sun exposure after Hair Transplant?   At HairMD, we get a lot of questions regarding the vacations after hair transplants as people try to fit in both during a break. But, is sun exposure right after a hair transplant such a good idea?...

Does Transplanted Hair Fall Out

[hupso] Does Transplanted Hair Fall Out? Hair fall is natural function of body as it is common to lose anywhere between 50-100 hairs every day. And even though Hair Transplant is a permanent and effective solution to baldness, your transplanted hair will fall out...

Advanced FAQs about Hair transplant HairMD Pune

[hupso] Why you are your own donor for a hair transplant  A Hair Transplant attracts a lot of questions and curiosity. Here are some of the very common questions asked regarding the science behind hair transplant: Why we need our own hair for transplant?  There is...

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