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Popular Treatments

Advanced Hair Transplant Method Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technique is the most advanced hair transplant technique. FUE method of hair transplant is one of the most popular & advanced hair loss, male or female pattern baldness treatments offered at HairMD- hair tran….

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hair loss in women, causes and treatment. Now a days, hair loss and thinning in women is common. Some time due to genetics or certain medical reasons like thyroid etc. Hair loss in women is observed. The question of what can cause hair loss in women attributes to many factors ra….

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There are many reasons for hair loss in male ranging from genetics or family history of hair loss, daily or work life stress etc. Hair loss may be genetic or non-genetic. The following section briefs you about few top causes of hair loss and treatment for it. The most important ….

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Information about laser hair removal Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hairs from the various parts of the body like armpit, chest, pubic region etc. with the help of laser light therapy (by exposing the area which carries unwanted ha….

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About alopecia areata Alopecia areata is a non-scarring hair loss phenomenon that affects men and women- both adults and children. Alopecia Areata is a very common hair loss problem in which there is a sudden patchy loss of hair. All the hair in the small area of the scalp is lost. Th….

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What Patients Are Saying About Us

“My father, Dr Shivkant Chingale recently had a hair transplant procedure performed on him. We have known Dr Chavan since a very long time and it would be apt to say that once he has assured you, you can confidently say goodbye to baldness. They have a team of highly skilled doctors to go on for hours together in the procedure with an exceptional amount of dedication and finesse. The service and the hospitality at their facility are amazing. We are extremely happy about choosing HaiMD and Dr Chavan and would highly recommend everyone to use their. Thank you Dr Chavan”

– Aditya Chingale

“I was diagnosed with pattern baldness when I was 25. Day by day, baldness was taking charge of head & nightmares of hair less head were stealing my nights. I was determined to conquer the hair loss & did not let the baldness over took. On one fine morning, I met Dr Dhananjay Chavan & decided to undergo treatment. It’s been 2 years; I have stopped losing hair & feel very happy. I regularly come for follow up & advice of doctor. You must visit this clinic for all your hair problems. Thanks Dr Dhananjay Chavan!”

– Mr. Ramesh Ghane

“Now it’s been 3 months when I started my journey with HairMD. I was not very sure about regaining my hair as many of my family members are having baldness. I was sceptical about treatment & its success, actually was in dilemma. But, hair loss was aggressive & situation was depressing. Finally, I decided opt for treatment & luckily landed to hairmd’s website & found some hope. I started with & now I am satisfied with results & feeling saved. Thanks to all staff who has been with me through out. Special thanks to Dr. Dhananjay Chavan.”

– Mr. Vishnu

“I’ve suffered from hair thinning since teenage (for more than 10 years till day!) & you know how much it can be frustrating & depressing in your teenage & youth. I have been seen number of dermatologists, miracle drugs & what not. During research I came across hairmd & gave it a try. But I can’t tell you how happy I am with hair back! I recommend giving it a try before quitting. Thanks HairMD for Hair!”

– Mr. Rahul M

“I generally don’t like to write reviews etc. as I don’t like. But, I want to share sincere gratitude towards HairMD- entire clinic! It has ended my life long problems of hair & drew me out of depression & darkness. Thanks a ton!”

– Miss. Vaishnavi Patwardhan

“I visited many clinics but this man is the truth, so far so good! The clinic is beautifully made and the staff is amazing. I’m grateful for the treatment.”

– Deepali Belvankar

“I was tried everything for hair loss, but baldness won. I went completely bald & had Norwood grade 7. Finally, I decided to go for hair transplant & met Dr Sachin through my relative. After looking at results, infrastructure & testimonials of other patients, I decided to go with HairMD. It’s been a year & now it seems that it was worth decision. Thanks HairMD team & Dr Sachin for such amazing hair.”

– Mr. Sachin Lad

“Hi, I am 40 year old male who was suffering from pattern baldness since my 30s. Due to various responsibilities like career, family, children, loans etc. I was not able to treat my hair loss. I just ignored it. But in near past, some of the incidences made me feel too old than I was actually & it made me very serious about hair loss. I consulted many dermatologist and many of them were suggesting hair transplant. Finally in my search journey, I met Dr Sachin Pawar, who understood my need & gave advice on hair transplant. After complete information & knowledge, I went for surgery. Today, I am very happy about my results & enjoying my life. Thanks Dr Sachin!”

– Mr.Suresh Avad


HairMD is housed in a luxurious clinic offering courteous service by polite, well trained staff. It is equipped with the latest machinery, equipment and instruments currently used in all the advanced countries of the world.

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*Video Counselling only for outside pune

*Video Counselling only for outside pune

Meet our experts for your problem solution!

*Video Counselling only for outside Pune

Meet our experts for your problem solution!

*Video Counselling only for outside Pune

Meet our experts for your problem solution!

*Video Counselling only for outside Pune

Meet our experts for your problem solution!

*Video Counselling only for outside Pune

Meet our experts for your problem solution!

*Video Counselling only for outside Pune