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Criteria for hair transplant clinic which gives best possible result

What to do for choosing hair transplant clinic

- Posted on Aug. 28, 2017, 4:54 p.m. by DrDhananjayChavan

 The Do’s and Don't of choosing a Hair Transplant Clinic.

It is not very hard to make poor decisions by taking the wrong advice or by simply doing incomplete research. In the case of hair transplant those, mistakes can prove very expensive and harmful.


Here are some tips & insights how to choose trustful & safe hair transplant clinic for your lifetime surgery.

  • Don’t trust them blindly

They will try to sweet talk you into doing the procedure you might not even need, so look out for that. The hair transplant market has shown a steady incline over the years. This has attracted the attention of many untalented and uneducated quacks who are looking to make a quick buck. It is important that you stay away from these people. The simplest way to filter them out is not to fall for the obvious marketing gimmick.


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  • Don’t ask for a discount

There are many so-called “clinics” offering cheap rates to lure people in. It is possible to get a hair transplant for less money, but you shouldn’t really be compromising on the quality of the procedure. A clinic which offers a transplant for as low as Rs. 19000 has many skeletons buried in the backyard. Sure, they might perform a good surgery but that often comes with the cost of 2-3 botched surgeries. It is not a great idea to cheap out on a surgical procedure, as it is going to make or break your personality which you are wishing for. If you can’t afford the treatment, there are plenty of flexible payment options available.

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  • Do ask questions

The worse thing to do is to go into the surgery before clearing your doubts. Make sure you know about everything before getting operated on. Mastering any medical field is a tough task, but staying relevant and updated in it is equally important. So ask your doctor all the questions you have.  A good doctor will always try to solve all your queries.


These are the top facts that no hair transplant patient can't afford to miss!



                      Infographics on How to choose hair transplant for your surgery.


  • Do check your doctor’s credentials

You don’t want someone with a saloon employs performing a surgery on you. Check all the credentials of the staff and doctors.


AHRS According to India only following doctors are allowed to do hair transplant surgery

  • Plastic surgeon
  • A general surgeon trained in hair transplant surgery.
  • Dermatologists
  • ENT surgeon.

To check credentials ask following questions to your hair transplant surgeon:

  1. Whether he or she has a formal training in hair transplant?
  2. Is he a member of any reputed hair transplant association?
  3. What is his/her success rate?
  4. What are steps of hair transplant actually done by hair transplant surgeon himself and what is done by assistants or technicians?
  5. Do they follow up post-surgery?
  6. Do they follow a sterile practice?
  7. Are they capable of handling table emergencies?
  • Do ensure that they have right infrastructure.

Sure, a doctor’s skill is the most important thing while performing a surgery, but that doesn’t minimize the importance of modern medical machinery. A hair transplant might not be a complex procedure but sure it can be a life-changing one. So make sure you tick all the right boxes before getting into it.


It's not always possible to take sufficient time out from the schedule & do the all this research on your own. Also, doing all the research online is not feasible as someone once said 'all glittering is not gold' & it is always advised in hair transplant, at least we do, to check the all the Hair transplant OT infrastructure by yourself & make yourself trusted about the things which are going to matter most during your hair transplant. So, we always have our OT open for you to see all infrastructure required for hair transplant. If you are lucky enough and patiently allows, then you can see the live surgery too. So, if you are willing to undergo hair transplant, then don't wait, just come to our clinic. We are always there to help you! For More details on schedules & appointments you can fill the consultation form above and our Patient support team will get back to you or just visit our HairMD contact page. Thanks for reading!

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