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Female Hair Loss

What is the best treatment for thinning hair for females?

To deliver the best treatment we first need to assess the actual cause of hair loss, as there are many causes of hair loss and even more in females than males ( hormonal courtesy ). if we know the actual cause of hair loss then and then only I can tell you the best possible treatment for your hair loss. here is my video on all you need to know about hair loss in females.


There are many causes of hair loss few of them I will list below

  1. Nutritional deficiency – In the Indian scenario, this can be one of the major contributing factors for hair loss in the female. Nutritional deficiency can be of many nutrients, vitamins, proteins, micronutrients. in Indian family females are unfortunately very ignorant about their nutrition, they put their family members nutrition at the priority and after some years of lack of nutrition, they start experiencing hair loss and other health issues related to the lack of nutrition ( this is not only in the middle class but also in a higher class). here is the video by Dr.Sejal Shah on nutritional causes of hair loss.
  2. Hormonal Causes – this can also be a major factor for hair loss in the female. there are many hormonal deficiencies like Thyroid hormone. hormonal disturbing conditions like menopause may cause a hair loss below is the explanation given by Dr. Deepali Wakaskar


There are many other reasons such as a pregnancy which can also cause a hair loss in the female. Here is the good informative video was given by Dr. Deepali.

  1. Telogen Effluvium – This type of hair loss is usually caused by emotional and physical stress. The Indian woman especially 21st-century woman is going through a lot of stress as they are becoming more and more career-oriented also along with equally concerned for a family.
  2. Over styling – These days female are using too many styling products which can be the cause of hair loss. here is the blog on how styling will make you cause hair loss.
  3. Pattern baldness – This type of hair loss is completely a genetic one which is inherited from your ancestors ( unfortunately you can not do much about it.)
  4. Diseases and drugs – There are many diseases which may cause hair loss like alopecia areata, lupus, cancer, steroidal therapies and much more. Here is the explanation by Dr. Manali Shah


Once you know the actual cause of your hair loss  then we can discuss the best therapy for an exact cause of hair loss, for time being I will explain you the treatment available for the hair loss

  1. Correct your diet – As nutritional deficiency can be the most frequent cause of hair loss in a female. eating good can tone down the frequency of your hair loss. here is the answer on what should you eat to prevent hair loss.
  2. Medicines – Minoxidil and finasteride are the only FDA approved drugs available for hair loss. the correct combination incorrect formulation works for most of the hair loss problems if consumed along with other supplements like biotin and multivitamin. Here is the answer on whether minoxidil works for hair loss or not.
  3. Evidence-based therapies – Evidence-based therapies like PRP and Mesotherapy in periodic settings do well for hair loss in females along with males also. here are the answers on both the therapies.


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