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Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss: hair loss in women, causes and treatment. Now a days, hair loss and thinning in women is common. Some time due to genetics or certain medical reasons like thyroid etc. Hair loss in women is observed. The question of what can cause hair loss in women attributes to many factors ranging from simple nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes or stress due to work or mental situati....Read More
Why there is hair loss after pregnancy? will i go bald?



One of the most common questions asked in our OPD, patients come to the clinic freaked out, panic and ask us to perform some treatment so that they won't go bald. but this is a very natural phenomenon and there is nothing to worry much about it.

Telogen Effluvium- is the name of the phenomenon you are experiencing right now, around 40 to 50% woman experience this after pregnancy. according to this phenomenon, most of the hairs goes into the resting and growth phase during pregnancy due to hormonal effect i.e. due increased level of estrogen that's why during pregnancy you feel like your hair growth has been increased  but after 3 months of delivery this hormonal effect weans off and you start loosing hairs but don't worry its completely natural and normal as the other changes in pregnancy. you are not going go bald or have bald patch it's just a normal shedding of hairs.

but there are some cases when you have to be concern about like nutritional deficiency, anemia induced hair loss so in those case if you feeling generalized weakness, sleepy feeling then visit a consultant and get treated.

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Lifestyle can be a cause of hair loss

Then also here are some tricks to tackle this hair loss

  1. Avoid hair styles which will put stress on hair roots like braids, crown tails, pigtails etc.
  2. Get high a protein diet use
  3. Conditioners and shampoos which contain high biotic and silica
  4. Avoid toothed comb while hairs are wet because wet hairs are very fragile.
  5. Supplement your diet with vitamins and micronutrients

Look telogen effluvium is a natural phenomenon so it is going to happen but precautions mentioned above may slow down the process.

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