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Laser Hair Removal

All About Laser Hair Removal: Information about laser hair removal Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hairs from the various parts of the body like armpit, chest, pubic region etc. with the help of laser light therapy (by exposing the area which carries unwanted hairs to laser pulses). Unwanted hair over the face, axilla, and other body parts is an important prob....Read More
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How painful is electrolysis?
Electrolysis is more painful procedure than LHR as individual hair root is targeted and by one & it is burned out. This may lead to permanent scarring after Rx....Read More
How risky is LHR?
A gold standard, USA FDA approved laser hair removal technique is the latest, fastest, painless procedures without any discomfort. Post Rx mild redness, swelling is normal which gets settle down in 1hr or 2hr....Read More
Is Laser hair removal permanent?
LHR is method of permanent hair reduction, which gives around 90-95% permanent hair reduction. In case of hormonally deranged patients....Read More
What is the best time to get LHR?
One can option for laser hair removal when, excess hair growth starts coming on any parts of body, which needs to get treated cosmetically....Read More

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