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Can minoxidil causes stuffy nose

Question:-  I have been using minoxidil for one month. Since it’s used I’m facing the problem of the continuous running nose. What should I do?



We definitely understand your concern.

Minoxidil does work in hair loss in female as well as in male. Actually, the discovery of the use of minoxidil is very accidental. This drug was under clinical trial for blood pressure but researchers came to know that its actually helping hairs to regrow. Minoxidil works for hair loss. but how? It actually helps by increasing the blood flow acting as a vasodilator at hair capillaries and strengthen them increasing the follicular size and shaft diameter.

How does Minoxidil work in hair regrowth


In some cases, it has shown results that some patients get running nose(very rare case), tiredness, drowsiness etc.i can say you to meet up your doctor and check if the dosage needs to be changed or not. It is also seen if the dosage is reduced then running nose is stopped. So don’t worry about it, I recommend you to meet your doctor once again to know the reason behind. Using USA FDA approved medications are good to use.


Few tips to remember for minoxidil application:

  • The usage of your medicine differs from person to person.
  • Don’t overdose your medicine, if missed any single dose.
  • Your hair and scalp should be completely dry before applying for medicine.
  • Make sure you don’t wash you’re for 4 hrs after applying for the medicine.
  • Don’t use blow drier to dry your hair as it can be less effective.
  • Don’t apply any other skin products where you have applied minoxidil.

If you see the serious difficulty, then you can change the medication also, with your doctor’s guidance only. I hope this will help you in understanding. Keep in touch.

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