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How many times a day should i use minoxidil

Male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss is called androgenic alopecia. In males mostly the center and side parts are affected and in females mostly start with hair thinning and then the middle part starts widening up. In today’s life, mostly everyone is suffering from unmanageable hair loss.

There are lots of development in medications and treatments for hair loss and hair regrowth. One of the best inventions in the hair world was Minoxidil and Finasteride, which is US FDA approved medications.

Minoxidil: This medication is one of the most used medication for controlling hair loss and hair regrowth as well. Minoxidil helps to convert your telogen phase (resting phase of the hair follicle) to anagen phase (active growth phase of hair follicles) and helps the hair roots with good blood circulation so it promotes hair regrowth.

Most teenagers use this medication without any prescription, and then they face lots of side effects. It can be used both male and females as well. It will not give any results in a bald area. Minoxidil is widely used everywhere, but make sure use this medication with your doctor’s advice only. This medication is only for topical application and in the market is available in spray and gel form.


Can I use Minoxidil without consulting Dermatologist?


Depending on your hair condition your dermatologist will advise you which % to use and for how many months. As you use this medication, and according to your hair condition, your doctor may change the % of the medication. It is available from 2% to 10%. It is also seen this medication works well if taken with Finasteride oral medication (US FDA approved medication) and with the mainstream of treatments like PRP, LLLT, mesotherapy, derma roller, etc.

Minoxidil generally in a day 1ml should be used day and night with your dermatologist concern only. It is also seen side effects of using minoxidil like a headache, low libido, burning eyes, itching, high bp etc, make sure if you are facing such problems then let your dermatologist knew, so if he can change your medications.


What are the side effects of Minoxidil?


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