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Male Hair Loss

Male Hair Loss There are many reasons for hair loss in male ranging from genetics or family history of hair loss, daily or work life stress etc. Hair loss may be genetic or non-genetic. The following section briefs you about few top causes of hair loss and treatment for it. The most important type of hair loss in males is male pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia. Almost 70% to 80 % of ....Read More
How to apply minoxidil before shower or after shower



How to apply minoxidil. Like if I apply it in morning should I wash my hair before applying it at night or I can apply it without Washing.




How to apply minoxidil when to apply can i apply it before doing exercise can i apply it after doing exercise what is the ideal time see exercise & Minoxidil if we want to say if you apply Minoxidil just 10-15 minutes or half an hour before doing exercise what will happen to take that situation if i apply Minoxidil and then goes to my gym or goes for excercise then what happens usually after doing exercise or any type of exercise you get sweat lot of sweating you get because you do exercise
have sweat also after getting sweating all over body sweat in your scalp or your over scalp it again sweat comes out it spreads all over your hair & then  after wething your hair sweat comes down or it trickle all over your body or face if you have applied Minoxidil just one hour before exercise 15 min before exercise half an hour before exercise half an hour before exercise what will happen all Minoxidil will not absorb immediately after applying Minoxidil lotion then majority part of minoxidil
is not absorb whatever minoxidil will be remaining there after getting sweat that minoxidil will be diluted even if you get excessive sweat trickles on your face  or all over body then all minoxidil will be washed off and same minoxidl will come here what are the effect of washing of minoxidil majority of Minoxidil will not work so you will not get ideal effects of Minoxidil again one more adverse effect is there after applying Minoxidil if you sweat a lot or goes for exercise and sweat a lot then minoxidil & sweat will driven on your face and it will come on your face and same minoxidil will get apply or driven on your face then chances of getting hair on unwanted size will be more see Minoxidil will come to this place and you may get facial hair especially it look odd in Female also & even in male also if you having beard and if you get finer excess hair on your cheeks or around eyes So if you want to apply immediately after exercise you can wash your hair and have a get a bath you can apply immediately but if you want to apply before exercise 
then it should be more than 3 to 4 hours so as to have optimal absorption of Minoxidil

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