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Male Hair Loss

I am experiencing hair loss, my doctor told me to do mesotherapy, but does this work in males?


As your dermatologist has prescribed you mesotherapy you might be suffering from the male pattern baldness or androgenetic baldness.

Yes, mesotherapy does work in male and female both. in this therapy, the Meso solution is injected in the scalp with the meso gun, its minimal pain as the size of a needle of Meso gun is so minute that when it punctures the skin of scalp it causes negligent pain. At the time puncturing the scalp skin, it injects meso solution into the scalp which cures hair loss.

Here is the complete knowledgeable & interesting article on Mesotherapy by Wikipedia 

In, mesotherapy proteins, vitamins other nutrients and growth factor levels of the scalp are maintained at the optimum level. This also increases the blood supply of the scalp and hydrate the scalp. This also initiates cell metabolism, eliminate infections and promoting and accelerating hair growth.


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