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Male Hair Loss

What causes sudden hair loss

One of the most important parts of the body is our hair on our scalp. Hair changes our look and our personality and makes us look good. Gives us extra confident. Nowadays, we can see 80% of the crowd is facing hair fall and hair thinning. There are various factors responsible for hair loss like a lack of proper nutrition, exercise, genetic factors, pollution, hormonal imbalance etc.

Hair fall is one of the vast topic talked topic of recent times. Men, women, teenage girls and boys every one suffering from these issues. The most common hair condition is male pattern hair loss is also called androgenic alopecia. In this condition, a person starts with hair fall followed by hair thinning in the frontal part of the scalp and crown area.

DHT: DHT is called dihydrotestosterone, which is an androgen hormone, which makes males characteristics. This hormone binds with the scalp recipient which results for hair loss. There are many natural DHT blocking foods which helps to control this hormone, they are mangoes, watermelon, tomatoes, green tea, peanuts, walnuts, almonds etc. Saw palmetto is an ingredient which helps to control DHT. Hair fall is seen in both male and female as well.

Natural ways to control hair thinning: Balance diet with good exercise plays an important role in controlling hair thinning.

  • Protein-rich foods like eggs, chicken, tofu, paneer, kidney beans, pulses.
  • Vitamins and minerals like fresh fruits and all veggies.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids like fish and flax seeds.

Treatment for hair thinning: List of treatments which helps are:

  • A proper checkup from a dermatologist and knowing about your scalp condition.
  • Medications usage of USA FDA approved only like Minoxidil & Finasteride.
  • PRP
  • LLLT therapy
  • Mesotherapy
  • Micro-needling in regular interval.
  • Hair transplant is the last option if from hair thinning is converted to baldness.

How to use Finasteride for Hair Loss

How does Minoxidil work for Hair Loss

Its always suggested meeting a dermatologist at the beginning stage of hair fall and with proper guidance under them will really make a lot of difference in retaining the lost hairs and helps in hair regrowth.

I hope my answer will help you to guide you in the proper way to make a correct decision in the beginning stage.

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