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Male Hair Loss

Male Hair Loss There are many reasons for hair loss in male ranging from genetics or family history of hair loss, daily or work life stress etc. Hair loss may be genetic or non-genetic. The following section briefs you about few top causes of hair loss and treatment for it. The most important type of hair loss in males is male pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia. Almost 70% to 80 % of ....Read More
What is best solution for hair regrowth & does Minoxidil helps in hair regrowth



Before answering this question we have to assess what is the cause of hair loss? then and then only I can suggest you the best probable solution for that cause.

But for the time being, we will consider the most common cause of hair loss in male i.e. androgenetic or pattern hair loss.

For the pattern hair loss, most gold standard treatment is topical minoxidil and oral Finasteride. and yes minoxidil works for regrowth in hair loss here is the video answer by me on that


minoxidil does work for hair loss, as it increases blood flow to the hair follicle and increases the thickness of the follicle, delays maturing phase (i.e. catagen phase of hair) so decrease the hair loss. It was originally invented for the high blood pressure treatment by acting as a vasodilator, which eventually found out that its causes excessive hair growth as a side effect so they started using it in hair loss.

You can read the interesting story about the evolution of minoxidil as hair growth on Wikipedia.

There are 2 formulations of minoxidil which are FDA approved as 5% and 3% in alcohol and foam base solutions.

Please make a note that it is observed that only topical minoxidil doesn't work you will have to couple it with oral finasteride. Along with this mainstay treatment, we will have to take other evidence-based therapies also like PRP, Mesotherapy, Low-level laser light therapy, derma roller. We at HairMD have developed a special & successful therapy using these treatment modalities named cocktail management of hair loss & regrowth.


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But before starting any treatment by your own get a consultation from some good dermatologist knows the exact cause of your hair loss. Y


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