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Male Hair Loss

Why is my hair falling out so much

This is a very common worry for most of my patients, and they insist on knowing everything that there is to know about hair fall. Our health has born the maximum brunt of our lackadaisical attitude towards self-care and day-to-day habits. Nowadays, people are so caught up with trying to achieve their educational goals, career plans, financial stability, and basic needs of living that they tend to ignore their health until it takes a toll for the worse. Health, in general, has suffered because of worrisome eating habits, lack of physical activities, stressful living, pollution etc and hence, there has been an array of lifestyle diseases crippling a lot of people. It is extremely necessary that people realize the importance of healthy living so that their bodies function optimally.

Hairfall is a condition which can affect anyone, irrespective of age, gender, or regional characteristics. The cause varies from person to person and can range from genetic or hereditary factors to nutritional deficiencies, stressful lifestyle, hormonal derangements, autoimmune conditions, anemia, chronic infections, chemotherapy-induced, childbirth, or some underlying pathological conditions, etc. Our scalp contains 1-1.5 lakhs of hair. It is normal to shed 50-100 strands of hair per day. Hair care requires minimal efforts and should be a part of our day-to-day lifestyle, so as to avoid potential hair damage and hair fall.

Hair shaft that grows away from the scalp is almost entirely made up of proteins, and it derives its nutrition from the hair root and follicle on the scalp. Diet plays an important role in maintaining healthy hair. It is recommended to have a well-balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins(B, C, D, E, K, etc), and minerals to supplement hair growth. Hair oil massage stimulates the blood supply to the scalp and improves hair growth. Scalp hygiene includes washing the hair at least 2-3 times per week with a mild shampoo and conditioning it.

You can apply hair oil and massage it on the night before you wash hair. Do not comb wet hair, let it dry properly and then you can comb it. It would be best if you could avoid chemical treatments of the hair, and also procedures like hair straightening, curling, perming etc, as they damage the hair cuticle and cause shaft thinning and breakage, leading to hair loss. Reducing stress, and partaking in some kind of physical activity go a long way in helping hair growth. It would be prudent to stop smoking and avoid tight hairstyles as they could lead to hair fall too.

Can using hair products cause hair loss?


Hair loss, that is severe or worrisome, needs to be reported to a dermatologist, who will take a proper medical history, perform a trichoscopic examination, ascertain the cause of your hair loss, and suggest a treatment plan suitable for you. It might include medical supplementation, or treatment modalities like PRP, mesotherapy, LLLT, dermaroller etc. This problem is treatable and can be managed well, especially in initial stages.

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