Hair Transplant Limitations – Why You Are Your Own Donor For A Hair Transplant?


Blog, Hair Transplant | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 4, 2021

Why you are your own donor for a hair transplant?

If you are having hair loss problem and suffering since for a long time? So, finally you have decided to get a hair transplant done, but still, you have lots of questions on your mind. One of the most common questions running through your mind is like – why we are your own donor for a hair transplant, how to sleep after a hair transplant and when hairs will grow etc. I will give you complete information about why we need our own hairs for hair transplant and its importance. 

Why we need our own hair for transplant?

There is very less chance of rejection when one takes their own hair for hair transplant. The hair taken from the back of the scalp ensures uniform hair growth throughout the scalp. The maximum that one can go as far as the limit of a hair transplant is concerned is to have body hair used as donor’s hair.

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Why can’t we transplant other’s hair or artificial hair?

When one donates hair, it comes with a lot of responsibility. One needs to have various medications to get their immunity sorted. Even though it technically seems possible, but there is no hair transplant surgeon who ever risks taking hair from other’s original or artificial hair. Also, it is extremely difficult to get donor hair that exactly matches the potential hair required for hair transplant. The anti-rejection medication is a lot to take for entire life and hence too much to ask for.

Why can’t we get others hair after group matching as we can in kidney or liver transplant?

Even though the technique seems quite similar, but the problems that come with the usage of other’s hair for a hair transplant is very different. The main issue is the requirement for the constant intake of immunosuppressants which lower one’s natural immune response, and increases one’s susceptibility to various infections and even cancer. You need to take them for the rest of your life making you dependant on them forever.

When we consider a transplant using someone else’s hair, it is also not only unfeasible but highly undesirable as well for aesthetic reasons. The hairstyle, the texture, the thickness and the color, all are different with different individuals. When you are trying to find the right donor whose hair would match all of the aforementioned criterions is nearly impossible.

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What is the donor area and why hair from the donor area won’t fall out when transplanted in the recipient area?

Your donor area is generally the zone behind the scalp and the recipient area is the hairline. The donor area is quite strong in its roots and grows back naturally. It is quite desirable to place this hair on the recipient area so as to ensure uniformity and also to have the same texture and color.

What is The Donor Dominance theory?

The Donor Dominance Theory states that the hair placed in the recipient area retain the main characteristics of the donor’s hair and continue to have the same growth. Thus the underlying principle of hair transplant has been used since ages.

Watch what our hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Shivanee has to say about the impact of donor dominance in hair transplant.

Why body hair won’t fall out in the recipient area?

The logic behind this is the same as the logic applied for donor hair area. If you choose to use the same hair as your body growth for your recipient area, then you will choose hair that is extremely strong in growth and roots.

Who is the good candidate for Hair Transplant surgery?

I have given you complete information regarding why we can’t use other donor hairs for hair transplant. You can comment us also we will be happy to help you out.

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