Is Hair Loss One of the Side Effects of Bariatric Surgery?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | August 5, 2023

Bariatric Surgery and Hair Loss

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What are Bariatric Surgery and Hair Loss?

Causes of Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Hair loss is a widespread hair problem that can occur due to external and internal factors. One such factor of hair loss is surgery; the physical stress experienced by the body by undergoing surgery can cause hair loss. Today in this blog, you will learn if bariatric surgery causes hair loss. 

What are Bariatric Surgery and Hair Loss?

Bariatric surgery is a surgery performed on people suffering from obesity. It can be of various types and causes changes in the digestive system, which helps shed weight. Bariatric surgery is performed when the weight causes serious health problems, and dietary modifications and exercise have not worked much. 

Causes of Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

There are mainly three reasons behind hair loss after bariatric surgery. These occur as after-effects of the surgery and cause hair loss for a year or half. 

  • Weight Loss 

After bariatric surgery, sudden weight loss due to surgery is one of the most predominant reasons behind hair loss. 

  • Nutritional Deficiencies 

Some types of Bariatric surgeries lead to malabsorption of various nutrients leading to their deficiency. Some of these nutrients include iron, protein, and multiple vitamins. This leads to hair loss. 

  • Telogen Effluvium 

Some hair enters the telogen phase due to surgery and falls out. Hair loss does not make the hair dormant; thus, hair regrowth begins after a period. 

How to Prevent Hair Loss Post-Bariatric Surgery?

Hair loss after bariatric surgery can be prevented; below are the ways to avoid the hair loss side-effect of the surgery. 

  • Consume a Proper Diet  

Consumption of a diet rich in nutrients like iron, zinc, protein, copper, vitamins (A, B9, C).  and other minerals. These nutrients will keep hair from thinning and getting brittle. 

  • Take Supplements Prescribed by Doctor

Take supplements prescribed by the doctor after the surgery. The accessories will be prescribed to promote hair growth. 

  • Follow Recovery Schedule  

You should follow the recovery plan; any change in that schedule can cause problems like hair loss. 

The hair will start to regrow after 6 months of bariatric surgery. Taking supplements and pepper care will help you recover from hair loss. If 6 months have passed, but you cannot regrow your hair, you must book an appointment with an expert dermatologist for the best consultation and treatment for hair loss post-bariatric surgery

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