Can Excessive Combing Cause Hair Loss?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 15, 2023

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Benefits of Combing Hair

Hair Combing Mistakes Leading to Hair Loss

Losing 50-100 strands of hair from the follicles is a part of the natural hair growth cycle. The cycle contains three phases growth, rest and fall. However, various external and internal factors can disturb this normal cycle and cause excessive hair fall. Combing is part of the everyday schedule; read the blog to know does combing cause hair loss

Benefits of Combing Hair

Combing hair is a necessary practice to maintain the good health of the hair. Below are a few benefits of brushing the hair- 

  • Improves Blood Circulation

When you use a wooden comb with blunt teeth, the blood circulation on the head improves. It stimulates the sebaceous glands responsible for releasing the sebum and promoting the distribution of sebum/oil, promoting hair growth and making them stronger. 

  • Exfoliates Scalp

Hair combing exfoliates the scalp and, removes all the old hair dead skin cells,  and makes the scalp and hair clean. 

  • Maintains Frizz and Shape

Using the right comb makes hair look voluminous and maintains the frizz.  Using a hairbrush facilitates keeping hair tidy. 

Hair Combing Mistakes Leading to Hair Loss

Combing hair is good for maintaining a healthy scalp. However, hair loss problems due to combing can arise due to the following mistakes:

Hair Combing Mistakes Leading to Hair Loss

  • Brushing Wet Hair

Brushing hair right after a shower can lead to hair loss as the hair is prone to maximum damage when wet. Use a towel to dry out your hair, and then use a comb with wide teeth to detangle your hair. 

  • Frequent Hair Bushing 

Aggressively brushing hair frequently can lead to traction alopecia. This hair problem arises due to frequent hair pulling by combing hair rigorously. The hair loss problem can be reversed once you switch to using a comb with wide teeth and brushing once or twice a day. 

  • Sharing Comb

You must never share your comb, even with your family members. Sharing a comb can spread several diseases, such as – lice etc. All these might damage your hair and eventually lead to hair loss.

  • Brushing Your hair in Wrong Direction

Brushing Your hair in Wrong Direction

You should always brush your hair from top to bottom, i.e., downward. Brushing your hair from bottom to top would tangle your hair and lead to hair loss. Reverse combing also leads to hair damage and hair loss and hence should not be done.

  • Not Cleaning Your Comb Regularly

Keeping the comb clean plays a very important role in maintaining hair growth. A dirty comb brings all infections that lead to hair loss. 

You must comb your hair using the right brush to keep your hair from falling. Visit an expert dermatologist if you see signs of excessive hair loss

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