Can Hormonal Hair Loss be Reversed?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | September 25, 2022

Can Hormonal Hair Loss be Reversed?

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Hair loss is a common condition that affects males as well as females. Its causes range from genetics and hormonal fluctuations to nutritional deficiencies and exposure to harsh chemicals. Hair loss that occurs due to hormonal imbalance is known as hormonal hair loss, and the good thing is that it can be reversed. 

Hormonal hair loss in women could occur post-pregnancy or during menopause. These are the crucial phases in a woman’s life when there is variation in her hormone levels. Hair loss in women, when caused by hormones, is characterized by hair thinning across the scalp. When the phase passes, the hair fall caused by it stops and hair growth is mostly restored on its own. The changes in hormonal levels that occur due to advancing age, can lead to hair fall in men. So you can see that hormonal hair loss may be experienced by men and women.

The hormone that causes the hair to fall out is dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The hair follicles’ response to the hormone DHT can lead to hair fall. Oestrogen and testosterone levels are linked with hair loss as also fluctuations in the thyroid hormones can cause excessive hair fall in men and women.


How to Stop Hormonal Hair Loss?

This was an overview of how to stop hormonal hair loss. So, can hormonal hair loss be reversed? if you ask, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Just ensure that you consult a dermatologist before deciding to take any hair loss treatment. One of the best places to approach for getting the best treatments for hair loss and various other hair conditions is HairMD. It is a reputed hair transplant centre in Pune and has a team of experienced dermatologists who specialize in hair treatments. At HairMD, you will get the most effective hormonal hair loss treatment, quality service, and excellent guidance in achieving healthy and luxurious hair.

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