Can you use hair dye on transplanted hair?


Blog, Hair Transplant | Dhananjay Chavan | November 18, 2022

A hair transplant is one of the best and long-lasting treatments for hair loss. The health of the newly growing hair is similar to the health of the donor hair, which includes hair color and texture. So, if the hair on the donor site had a tendency of greying, the newly growing hair can start greying over time, which can hamper one’s self-esteem. So Hence many individuals, after undergoing a hair transplant surgery, have questions about dyeing the transplanted hair. Some of the commonly asked questions include, ‘can you use hair dye on transplanted hair’, which is the best hair dye to use after a hair transplant, and when to use a hair dye on the transplanted hair? Here we resolve your doubts about using hair dye after hair transplantation.

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It is advisable to wait for a minimum of 4 weeks before using hair dye on transplanted hair. Soon after the hair transplantation surgery, your scalp is sensitive. Using harsh chemicals can irritate the scalp skin and prove to be damaging to the implanted grafts. In 4-6 weeks after the surgery, the scalp heals considerably and the implants get fixed firmly to the root. During the recovery time after a hair transplant, if you use hair dye, bleach or peroxides on the hair, it can be detrimental to the hair grafts and the scalp. After 4-6 weeks of hair transplantation surgery, the incisions are healed properly, which means it is safer then, then safer to use hair dye on the transplanted hair.

For 7-14 days after the hair transplant, you should strictly avoid any chemical hair treatment, which includes bleach, dye, peroxide or any other chemical. The scalp is highly sensitive and fragile for a month after the surgery, which means, hair dyes should be avoided during this time. So, the earliest you can use hair dye on transplanted hair is after 4 weeks. It is always good to wait even longer as this gives the scalp sufficient time to heal. 

The transplanted hair starts growing back after about 3 months from the hair transplant surgery. Ideally, you should wait for this much time before applying hair dye or any other chemicals on the hair. So, it is best to use hair dye on transplanted hair only after new hair starts growing. If you really have to dye the hair before this time, you should select an organic, peroxide-free dye.

To determine the best hair dye to use after hair transplant, it is best to consult an expert in the field. You should seek the guidance of the medical professional who conducted the hair transplant, before deciding to use hair dye on the transplanted hair. So, can you use hair dye on transplanted hair? Yes, but you would have to wait for at least 4-6 weeks before dyeing the hair. It would be good to ask your doctor before starting to use hair dye and it would be better to use a natural hair dye instead of a dye that contains chemicals. Hair dye can be used on transplanted hair only after the scalp has completely healed.

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