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Castor oil- Is it a myth or real cure for progressing baldness?

Jul 8, 2017

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Castor oil – A natural remedy for male pattern baldness?


It is a common phenomenon to experience hair loss around the age of thirty-five years. So should you be worried about it? No, the science of genes imparts this unique feature to your body. However, there are many other conditions and infections which might lead to complete hair loss and this will be a cause of stress to many. So, the alternative to sitting and worrying about the progressive decline in the number of hair or the receding hairline is to come up with ways to curb it. A natural approach to the cure always works better and that is where the castor oil comes in – natural, inexpensive and easily applicable, it does the trick.

Castor Oil and its chemical constituents

Extracted from the seeds of the castor plant, castor oil traces its history to the biblical times. If we go through history, it has come up time and again for its use in pregnant women, for punishment but most importantly as a natural emollient for your skin and scalp.

The miraculous benefits it imparts to your hair is due to its composition which consists of ricinoleic acid, omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamin E and minerals which are all productive in preventing hair loss.

How to apply?

It is advised to use cold pressed unrefined organic castor oil for better hair boosting effects. Jamaican black castor oil (best so far) is also very effective but people might avoid it for its pungent smell.

  • The oil should be applied at least twice a week. Owing to its thick consistency even in little amounts it does the work.
  • Apply it on damp hair. You might want to heat the oil before use to achieve better results.
  • Gently massage your scalp with the oil till you are through and then wrap your hair in a warm towel or shower cap for 2-8 hours. You might want to supplement it with rosemary or peppermint oil for additional benefits.

What effects does it have and how does it work?

  • Enhanced blood circulation– when you massage your scalp with the oil it increases the circulation near the hair roots thus ensuring longer and stronger hair.
  • It has antifungal and antibacterial properties, that is it helps to prevent the growth of microorganisms near your hair roots thus saving you from a number of problems like ringworm infestation, folliculitis and ultimately promises you a healthy moisturized scalp.
  • Restraints split ends– use castor oil for your damaged hair and oversee its benefits yourself. It is definitely recommended for patients tackling rough hair issues.
  • Scientifically its high protein content is responsible for the rapid hair growth and has anti-inflammatory properties. Its major constituent ricinoleic acid provides better nutrition to the scalp. The oil also possesses antioxidants that prevent your hair from getting frizzy and keeps it smooth, shiny and lustrous.
  • It keeps dandruff away and restores the natural hair color.
  • Reduces stretch marks and disinfects wounds.

Does it really help in genetic hair loss?

In people suffering from androgenic alopecia, castor oil will not stimulate hair growth in dormant hair follicles but it will definitely reduce the hair loss. This is supported by the theory which shows the dominant presence of prostaglandin D2 on the scalp of balding men which is inhibited by castor oil.

Pathology / Drugs causing hair loss

In the case of pathological causes of hair loss like that due to chemotherapy, hormonal imbalance, sarcoidosis and other acute infectious diseases it is strictly advised to SEE A DOCTOR. Drugs including those for diabetes, heart problems, cholesterol, pregnancy pills might result in hair loss and calls for a visit to the doctor. Castor oil won’t help in these situations because its use is strictly restricted externally and the pathological problems or the effect of drugs are internally based.

Drastic hair loss

On an average loss of 40-100 strands of hair, a day is normal. If the numbers increase and there is grave hair loss, scientifically proven treatments are recommended then rather than going for home remedies. These treatments include therapies like hair transplantation and others which might be exorbitant but are the need of the moment.

No clinical trials for castor oil

Castor oil has not undergone any clinical trials and thus all theories about it bear no solid testimony. There are always two sets of opinions on the use of castor oil as hair loss home remedy. However, if we go on words castor oil increases the hair growth 3-5 times a month and the user can supervise the increase in thickness of the hair within a few weeks.

So if you crave for the shiny luxurious hair you might give this potent emollient a try and witness its amazing magic.



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