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Sep 14, 2017

   Causes of Hair loss in Females

Women have a lot of medical problems to deal with. To keep up with the desired standards of beauty is another very big challenge. Imagine with hormonal issues, work stress, balancing home and professional life, aging skin, pimples- if our hair also starts to give us women a problem, then what will we do? But, all of us are strong enough to take on any issue that comes in front of us with our head held high.

Here is question list of female hair loss :

1) Is Female hair loss age specific?

Hair loss in females can occur during any age. While women above the age group of 35 to 45 suffer from female pattern baldnesshair loss is more frequent in college going girls and married woman as they suffer from nutritional and dietary deficiency as well as hormonal disorders.

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Here is the explanation about why Hormonal imbalance is the reason of hair loss during Menopause in females:

2) What is female pattern baldness?

Females get pattern baldness which is more commonly referred to as female pattern baldness. It is visible mainly on top of the scalp, leaving the hairline intact. More often than not, they lose hair from the center of the head.

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3) What are the female hair loss causes?

Even though the three important causes are namely nutritional, hormonal and genetic, even stress and dietary deficiency play a very important role in female hair loss. There are also various types of infections that can result in hair loss in females.

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4) What are the common disorders that are the reason for female hair loss?

As your consultant, we guide you as to which clinic to go to considering the disordersyou are suffering from. One of the most common disorders resulting into hair loss isthyroid- hypo or deficientApart from this PCOD and PCOS are also very commonly occurring hormonal disorders in females in today’s day and age.

Watch what our Dermatologist, Dr. Manali Shah, MBBS, M.D. has to say about female hair loss associated with underneath diseases.


5) What are the solutions for hair loss in women?

At HairMD, we analyze the hair that is becoming thinned out and is shortening. We guide you through the process of treating it with the help of various FDA approved treatments and modalities in the form of low-level laser light (LLLT) that is 630 to 670 nanometers and cold lasers these are a hair stimulating laser which helps in increasing the length of hair.

This procedure also increases the thickness and prevents premature hair loss. We further undertake the process of the derma roller or micro derma rollers which stimulate hair growth. We can stimulate further hair growth with the help of micro comb and mesotherapy, which is evidence-based and gives external various growth factors. There are many more procedures involved which we will guide you through after understanding the details of your case.

Note: If you are suffering through any of the aforementioned disorders, then it is wise to get it treated by a specialist before turning to hair transplant directly. Once, the internal issue is treated – then more often than not, your hair transplant will cease to exist as a problem.


But, if it does not heal even after that, then HairMD is here for you to cater to your problems and connect you to a clinic that will ensure that your Rapunzel like hair does not get sacrificed for any cause whatsoever!

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