Early Age Hair Loss in Women


Blog, Female Hair Loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | August 5, 2023

Early Age Hair Loss in Women

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What causes early age hair loss in women?

Best Hair Care Tips to Prevent Hair Loss at an Early Age

Early age hair loss is an unexpected experience that women face. And there are many reasons for the hair loss of women at an early age. 

As per the dermatologists, it’s normal to lose 100-200 hair per day as a part of the normal hair growth cycle. As there are millions of hairs on our scalp these normal shed hair are not noticed as thinning or hair loss. 

But what if a woman starts losing a lot of hair at an early age??

In this blog, we discuss the main causes of young age hair Loss in women, its treatment, and the best solutions. 

Let’s begin!

What causes early age hair loss in women?

When a woman starts losing a lot of hair at an early age, it means the natural hair development cycle is disturbed or affected by some external causes/reasons. And if you understand the real cause of earlyage hair loss and try to prevent it, you can stop the hair loss. We’ve discussed some main causes of early age hair loss below.

Five main causes of hair loss in women at an early age:

#1 Stress

Stress can be harmful to your body and especially for hair because when you’re under pressure for a few months, your body pushes hair growth to the rest phase. The body preserves nutrients for vital functions and non-vital functions like hair growth suffer leading to hairs loss eventually. 

#2 Dieting

Dieting can affect your hair also. If you’ve protein, iron, calcium or vitamin deficiency, it can slow down the growing ability of your hair. Avoid crash dieting as low-calorie intake results in excess weight loss making hair weaker, dull, dry and prone to breakage. 

#3 Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes can specifically affect your hair growth. Androgen is a male hormone that is also present in women. A sudden increase in this hormone due to obesity, rapid weight loss or polycystic ovary syndrome can cause hair loss at a young age in girls. 

#4 Hairstyles & Treatment

If you do excessive hairstyling that pulls your hairs tight like pigtails and cornrows, it’s a cause for young age hair loss in women. As continuous traction damages the hair roots and causes disturbance in the hair growth cycle. 

#5 Medication & Supplements

Some women face hair loss issues as a side effect of taking medicines and supplements. Acne medicines,  oral contraceptive pills or any other hormonal medicines may cause hair fall problems. Always consult a doctor before starting or stopping any of these medicines to face minimum side effects. 

These are some main causes of hair loss at an early age. 

If you’re facing any similar issues, don’t worry because several treatments are available for you. Let’s see some most useful tips to control hair loss.

Best Hair Care Tips to Prevent Hair Loss at an Early Age

Best Hair Care Tips to Prevent Hair Loss at an Early Age

1) Proper Hair Care

Follow a proper hair care routine and use milder products for hair loss prevention. Stop pulling your hair by styling them regularly. Wear a cap or scarf around your head to protect your hair against harmful UV rays. 

2)  Nutrition 

Consuming a proper diet is very important to keep hair healthy, glossy and strong. Fruits and vegetables help remove toxins from the body and reduce hair loss. Vitamins, minerals, zinc, iron and proteins are amongst the essentials for proper hair growth. 

3) Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle builds a healthy body. Avoid smoking,exercise regularly, sleep on time, manage stress and follow a properly balanced diet for good hair and overall health. 

Follow these hair care tips to reduce hair fall and severe damage. And if you’re facing hair loss at an early age, then you need to discuss with the Hair Loss Doctor, get treatment and stop hair loss. At HairMD, our professionals help you resolve your young age hair loss problem. Contact us Today!

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