Hair Loss During and After Pregnancy: What Are the Causes?


Blog | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | August 12, 2021

Hair Loss During and After Pregnancy: What Are the Causes?Many pregnant women have often complained about frequent hair loss after delivery. This is a problem faced by women all over, and is also a genuine cause for concern. Here, we try to look behind its causes and the reason for hair fall after delivery.

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Link between Hair Loss and pregnancy

It is believed that most women and men lose between 50 to 100 hair strands every day. However, it is not the same as pregnancy hair loss. Researchers have found that during pregnancy, some women actually lose fewer hair strands due to rising estrogen levels slowing down their natural hair shedding processes. Many women have also experienced hair loss 2 years after having a baby. However, that may not always be the case.

One of the primary causes of hair fall during and after pregnancy is the hormonal shift. Women may experience their hair shedding and thinning due to the stress they experience during this period. This condition scientifically referred to as Telogen Effluvium (TE) only affects a few women during their pregnancy phase.

The effects of TE are felt most in the first trimester when hormones shift balance dramatically to support baby growth. The stress-induced by TE puts more than 30% of the mother’s hair into the resting phase of the hair life cycle. This results in thrice the hair fall compared to a normal day.

Most women don’t notice their hair thinning right away, and may not use any postpartum hair loss remedies. It takes about two to four months to notice these hormonal shifts. However, this condition generally doesn’t last more than six months, and there is no chance of permanent baldness.

Health issues in a woman’s body may also lead to TE. TE with health issues leads to a more dramatic hair fall and is harder to control. Issues like thyroid problems and Iron deficiency is a big concern, as they are known to be a major cause for TE in a woman’s body.

The more common reason for hair fall during pregnancy is postpartum hair loss. Women lose hair after a few months of delivering the baby. This condition is just ‘excessive hair shedding’ rather than true hair loss. Caused by a drop in hormone estrogen, this type of hair loss can be easily treated.

‘Postpartum’ refers to the occurrence after the delivery of the baby, and should not be confused with hair loss during pregnancy. 

How To Prevent Pregnancy-Related Hair Loss?

Pregnancy related hair loss

There are a lot of ways that all pregnancy-related hair loss, especially hair fall post-delivery can be avoided in women.

The most important thing to do is eating a balanced diet. One should ensure that they have all the nutrients and minerals in the food they consume. It is extremely important to get ample amounts of proteins and iron. One can always consult a nutritionist for individual advice.

It is equally important to wash hair gently, and use wide-tooth combs to avoid any hair stretch while detangling.

It is very important to consult a doctor at regular intervals. While postpartum hair loss is temporary, it is important to take a doctor’s advice to avoid any unnecessary complications or processes. Doctors may be helpful in boosting the doses of vitamins or regulating hormone levels, both of which can avoid postpartum hair fall. Doctors may be consulted up to 2 years after having the baby, and whenever needed otherwise.

  • Pregnancy-Related Hair Loss Treatment

There are various treatments that must be tried to avoid postpartum hair fall. Postpartum hair loss can be scary for women across ages but can be avoided in some simple ways. But there are plenty of methods that act as an after-delivery hair fall solution.

  • Avoid StylingPostpartum hair care is a must. Styling must be avoided at all costs, especially when the chance for a hormonal imbalance is huge. Any stretch or heat felt by hair strands may lead to higher hair loss, and could lead to baldness in the long run. 
  • Eating Well – Having nutritious food helps a lot in avoiding postpartum hair loss. A balanced diet is the best way to counter any nutritional deficiencies. Green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, and carrots are recommended to improve one’s health and avoid postpartum hair fall.
  • Medicine: An increased dose of vitamins always helps in avoiding postpartum hair fall. Vitamins especially help women when for some reason they are unable to take their balanced diet. Postpartum hair loss can also be stopped effectively with the use of medicine.

Disclaimer: Consult a doctor before taking any medicines or undertaking any postpartum hair loss treatment. Any overdose or underdose may be lethal.

Pregnancy-Related or Postpartum Hair Loss is Normal

It is very common to experience pregnancy-related or postpartum hair loss. Postpartum hair loss is also very easy to check too. A hair pull test is an effective way to determine if a patient is suffering from excessive hair loss. One is recommended to pull a small amount of hair (about 100 strands). If more than 3 strands of hair come out, there might be a hair fall problem, and the individual should consult the doctor immediately.

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