Hair Loss in Women: Reasons of Female Hair Loss in Patches


Blog, Female Hair Loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | May 29, 2022

Hair loss is a natural process but it does not pronounce itself as baldness because new hair grows in place of the falling hair. However, when new hair does not grow, the hair fall leads to baldness. It is first seen as thinning hair which eventually develops into bald patches on the head and may later result in complete baldness. Hair loss in women is quite a common condition and can occur due to several reasons. While some women experience hair loss in patches, for others it starts with a receding hairline. The bald patches in different areas on the head may join each other and lead to total baldness. A receding hairline may recede further resulting in complete baldness. 

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Following a balanced diet, exercising daily and adopting a good hair care routine can help in reducing hair loss but for the proper treatment of this hair condition, consulting a dermatologist is advisable. Early medical intervention is necessary to ensure that the most effective hair loss treatment is administered and hair growth is restored. Now let’s look at the reasons and treatment for hair loss in women.

Reasons for Female Hair Loss

  1. Tight hairstyles that pull the hair can cause hair loss in women. Similarly, exposing the hair to heat through procedures like curling, ironing, and blow-drying, can lead to hair loss.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Reasons for Female Hair Loss
  2. Sun damage is a common reason for female hair loss in patches. Covering the head and hair when going outdoors in the sun, is the best way to restrict hair fall resulting from sun exposure.
  3. Nutritional deficiencies are an important reason for hair loss in women. The deficiencies of iron and zinc can cause hair loss. The deficiency of vitamin D leads to thinning of hair. The deficiency of selenium causes hypothyroidism and hair loss. Vitamins A, B and C are instrumental in good hair growth. Their deficiencies can cause female hair loss in patches.   

  4. Family history is another common reason for female hair loss. Baldness is a heritable hair condition and in women, it starts with thinning of hair along with the crown of the scalp.
  5. Fluctuating hormonal levels during pregnancy and menopause could also lead to hair loss in women. Thyroid disorders, scalp infections, and hair-pulling disorders are other reasons for female hair loss in patches.
  6. Female hair loss can occur as a side-effect of certain medicines or due to radiation therapy. After the medicines or the therapy is stopped, the hair usually grows back.
  7. Stress is another important reason for hair loss in women.

Treatment for Hair Loss in Women

  1. The female hair loss treatment will be based on the underlying cause and the degree of baldness.
  2. The treatment for female hair loss resulting from hormonal imbalance will be aimed at restoring hormonal balance.
  3. Hair fall due to nutritional deficiencies will have to be treated through following a proper diet or taking dietary supplements. 
  4. Female hair loss caused by certain medications or health conditions will go away when those medications are stopped or the causative health condition is treated.
  5. Laser therapy is said to be a good way to promote hair regrowth, and thus works as a good treatment for baldness in women.
  6. Spironolactone is a commonly used oral medicine to treat female pattern baldness; however, the medicine should be started only after proper consultation with a dermatologist.
  7. Minoxidil is a popularly used topical medication for hair loss in women and men. 


  8. A hair transplant is considered as one of the best treatments for hair loss. In this medical procedure, healthy hair follicles from one region of the head are transplanted into the bald region.


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