After 20 Days of Hair Transplant: What to Expect?


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Hair Transplant After 20 Days

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Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

Hair Transplant After 20 Days – What Happens?

 Hair Transplant After 20 Days – What to Do?

Hair Transplant After 20 Days – What to Avoid?

Are you about to undergo a hair transplant or have already undergone one and wondering what will happen after it? In most cases, the dermatologist must have discussed the post-surgery timeline with you – as in what will happen after a week, two weeks, 20-21 days, etc. But if you haven’t spoken about it clearly or want to look again at the various stages of the hair transplant growth timeline, here’s some help.

Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

A hair transplant is an excellent alternative for hair growth. But one has to be persistent with post-surgery recovery. Here’s what happens after hair transplant surgery.

  • 1 to 4 Days: Within this time, the  donor area from the back of the head heals quickly. Patients may experience mild pain at the implantation site and observe mild swelling and scabs. We recommend sufficient rest for the first few days to expedite healing.
  • 4 Days to 10 days: Patients experience mild itching at the top of the scalp as healing continues, the scabs begin to clear. Pain and swelling usually subsides by 5 days. The donor area at the back is completely healed.
  • 10 Days to 3 weeks: Patients can start  washing their hair gently at this stage. Both the donor and recipient area are usually healed. Patients can start wearing a loose cap after 10-15 days, and helmet beyond 15 days. Minor exercises can be started gradually.

  • 1 to 3 Months: The scalp might appear pink  during this time. Patients notice gradual cyclical shedding of hairs at 1-2 months . Once the hair fall phase is completed, patients will observe slight hair regrowth.
  • 3 to 6 Months: By now, patients see considerable hair growth as the body attempts to regrow hair naturally in cyclical pattern.

  • 6 to 9 Months: This is the most crucial stage when the hair becomes denser and longer. Patients can start managing their hair and hairstyle normally  at this stage after consulting their dermatologist.
  • 9 to 12 Months: 85-90 percent hair growth is already achieved by stage, and the hair starts thickening.

  • 12 to 15 Months: A year after the transplant. The entire hair transplanted exhibits significant hair growth and increase in density and volume.


Hair Transplant After 20 Days – What Happens?

This marks the beginning of a crucial phase after a hair transplant. Here’s what happens.

  • Hair shafts begin falling. But it is because the hair enters the recovery process with cyclical shedding.
  • Some patients may notice healed pinkish skin with mild itching beyond the healing process completed at the site.
  • Patients may be prescribed medications to accelerate recovery and promote hair growth 20-21 days after hair transplant surgery such as nutritional supplements, PRP and minoxidil again.

 Hair Transplant After 20 Days – What to Do?

Generally, this is what patients can do after 20-21 days of the hair transplant. But patients must consult a dermatologist to know what they should specifically do.

  • Take nutritional supplements  every day (per dermatologist’s dosage and recommendation)
  • Restart physical activities like Yogasan, walking, meditation, etc.
  • Start trimming the head whenever needed
  • Begin combing and brushing the hair
  • Restart use of caps and helmets.

Additionally, patients must maintain the right sleeping posture. They should sleep on the back and keep the head elevated with a few pillows within the first 2 weeks. It can help friction to grafted hair follicles. Besides, patients must maintain a healthy diet as prescribed by the doctor.

Hair Transplant After 20 Days – What to Avoid?

Here are a few things to avoid when dealing with a hair transplant after 20 days.

  • Smoking
  • Excess caffeine
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Not taking showers after exercise
  • Stepping out in the sun without headgear
  • Using derma rollers until 45 days
  • Using hair products like gels, sprays, etc.

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