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My Journey of defeating Alopecia Areata

Feb 14, 2018

My Journey of defeating Alopecia Areata

I am Sheena, a proud Alopecia Areata survivor. Here I am, with my journey to let you know that there are others to support you. I for one, understand that it is an extremely emotionally taxing phase and whatever support you can get is less. So here is an overview of what I went through.

I started noticing some bald patches two years ago. Now, I went to the closest hair doctor and was quickly diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. After some medicines and injections, I was told that this is it- the hair will grow back in a year and guess what. They really did!

In February last to last year, they went back to being just the way they were before shedding out. I also got rid of the episode, deleting it from my memory like any other ‘Haircut gone the wrong episode’. While I was all okay with it- In May; two months later- the problem resurfaced without any time for me to take precaution.

This time it got much worse. My hair started shedding out in clumps and needless to say, it really freaked me out. I went to a dermatologist this time around, who gave me some steroids to get rid of my problem. What the dermatologist did not fathom was the intensity of my hair loss or how advanced it was.

If I didn’t do something right away, I knew it would advance into Alopecia Totalis or Alopecia Universalis. This is when I decided to consult HairMD. The doctors here did everything to firstly calm me down, explain the situation to me and start with damage control right away.

Not like I had some miraculous overnight ‘onion juice’ type scenario. But with HairMD’s help, here I am two years later with patchy hair re-growing, because of the various injections and treatment. I am still waiting for my beautiful hair to completely regrow, but until then I am counting all of my blessings disguised as hair – however small they are!


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