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Alopecia Areata, Blog | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 3, 2021

Reena’s Hair Loss Journey

I am Reena Malhotra from Mumbai, Maharashtra. I have been facing bald patch issues in my hair for the past 6 years. Every time my hair grows back after mild treatment but it had become a recurring problem.

This time the hair fall started at an alarming rate and I could tell that something is horribly wrong. My dermatologist asked me to start applying topical steroids but it didn’t yield much result. Then a close friend recommended HairMD. Experts at HairMD informed me that my Alopecia Areata has turned into Alopecia Totalis which means hair loss of the total scalp.

I was devastated after knowing about the condition. Completely lost all kind of hope to regain my hair. Lost all confidence to meet anybody, do anything, go anywhere and to perform my daily activities like office and household work.

HairMD experts helped me deal with my condition emotionally as well as physically. They helped me understand all about the alopecia and how to treat it just like any other passing illness like flu or cold. With a detailed check-up, and a complete 8 months of treatment, topical solutions & medications, and with diet and lifestyle changes, my condition reversed. Can’t thank HairMD enough. You were a boon for my hair and my confidence!

Raghav’s Hair Loss Journey

Beard might not seem essential for appearance, but when you have it, it should be normal with healthy hair. Right? Well, I am Raghav Mehta, 36. I work in an MNC and I have Alopecia in my beard. Appearance is an important factor when you have a corporate job and Alopecia became a curse for me.

It all started 2 years back. I noticed small patches of baldness. Actually, I shouldn’t call it baldness as it was only a few millimetres of bare shin on my beard and hence I ignored it. Within a few weeks, a few millimetres of bare skin turned into inches of baldness. Concerned and scared, I started searching on the internet and got to know that it might be a condition called Alopecia. Well, I wasn’t convinced enough so to confirm and to have proper medical guidance, I turned to HairMD, as I didn’t want to try any home remedies or hair fall tips from the internet.

The team of HairMD Doctors helped me understand that it is Alopecia. It is an immunity related disorder which means it is not related to something I did, rather it was my immunity which is attacking my hair follicles. That was a relief. The doctor explained to me there are different treatments available for Alopecia and how this condition of hair fall can be turned into hair regrowth.

The beard scalp is a bit different from the head scalp and so was the treatment. There were solutions to apply on skin, oral medicines, and injections. After a rigorous treatment for more than a year, I am a happy person now with a normal beard.

To my surprise, when I searched over the internet for alopecia in the beard, I realized people are afraid to admit it and talk about it. Today, when I know all about it and have successfully overcome it, I would like to encourage others. If you have alopecia, talk it out and seek help.

Kunal’s Hair Loss Journey

I have Alopecia for quite some time now. I visited many Dermatologists and Doctors, who mostly prescribed medicines or steroids whenever I sought help. They worsened my condition, these medicines didn’t yield any result. There was no hair growth on my head scalp, yet these high doses of medicines had a drastic effect on my body hairs, which started growing abnormally. I knew I have to do something right away or else there won’t be any way out from this condition.

A comprehensive website led me to consider the HairMD Group for Alopecia Treatment. It was HairMD, where I got to know that I have Alopecia Totalis and my entire scalp is infected. So, this condition has to be treated delicately.

The doctors at HairMD explained that though it cannot be treated 100%, it definitely can be beaten to an extent where it’ll stay at bay while I can get my hair back. The treatment included taking an injection of corticosteroids, applying solutions on the head scalp, and taking medicines. Apart from these, I always protected my scalp from dust exposure and curbed my stress levels for a better result. I have been most impressed with the medical staff and with the treatment received at HairMD. I expected a long road to recovery, but it has been painless. Everyone has treated me with great empathy and I am extremely thankful.

Ankit’s Hair Loss Journey

My son developed Alopecia ophiasis in 2018 and within a year the condition changed to Alopecia universalis. Alopecia pushed him into such a state that he didn’t have any friends and everybody used to stare at him at school. We visited HairMD immediately as we didn’t want to aggravate it by trying out any home remedies.

Right from the beginning of the treatment at HairMD, my son’s eyebrows have started to grow back in. Gradually his scalp hair started showing fuzzy regrowth. In mid 2019, his hair steadily started coming in more. There has been a great increase in his self-confidence since then.

Though I have done a ton of independent research on alopecia but still learned many new things from the HairMD doctors. What works for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for the next. You have to spend the time and figure out what your particular individual situation is. I’m very glad that we visited HairMD as their treatment is personalized and result oriented. My son, who is 12 now, is doing much better thanks to the doctors at HairMD.

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