What Works Best for Baldness – Home Remedies Vs Treatment by Specialist


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Treatment For Baldness

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Home Remedies for Baldness

Baldness Treatment by a Specialist

Baldness is hair loss from the scalp and is also referred to as alopecia. Heredity, hormonal changes, and stress are among the common causes of baldness. It may also result from certain medications, some underlying health conditions, radiation therapy, and even occur due to excessive hairstyling that pulls the hair. What is the best and the fastest way to cure baldness? How to stop hair loss? There are home remedies that help regrow the hair naturally, as also certain medicines that work as a hair regrowth treatment. So, what works best for baldness; home remedies or treatment by a specialist? Here’s a comparative analysis.

Home Remedies for Baldness

  • Coconut oil reduces protein loss from hair and prevents hair breakage. Apply a few drops of coconut oil to the scalp and hair as a remedy for baldness.
  • Aloe vera soothes the scalp and conditions the hair. Apply aloe vera gel to your scalp a few times every week. It works as an effective home remedy for baldness. 
  • Apply onion juice to your scalp and hair, it is said to promote hair growth and can help you get rid of bald patches. 
  • Deficiencies of vitamin D and minerals, such as zinc, iron, and selenium, can cause hair loss. Include foods rich in these nutrients to promote hair growth or take supplements with the advice of a medical professional. 
  • Follow a proper hair care routine. Give a good oil massage to the scalp daily. Avoid using hair care products that contain harsh chemicals. Reduce the use of styling tools that may lead to breakage of hair and avoid excessive hair washing or overexposure to heat. Moreover, excess oiling of hair can irritate the scalp, cause folliculitis and dandruff.

Baldness Treatment by a Specialist

Home remedies for baldness help improve the health of your hair by helping them regrow, giving them a good texture, restoring hair damage, and preventing hair fall. However, every individual’s baldness may have a different cause, which is why it is important to get the hair condition diagnosed by medical experts.

A doctor would be able to determine the  actual cause behind the excessive hair loss that’s causing baldness and administer the treatment that works best for you 

Baldness treatment by a specialist may also involve a hair transplant technique in which hair from a part of your head is removed and transplanted to the bald spot. Since the procedure is painful, you will be given a sedative and the dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon will inform you about the possible side effects of this hair restoration procedure.

Laser therapy using a low-level laser device is considered to be a good treatment for hereditary hair loss, which also improves the density of hair.

Minoxidil and Finasteride are FDA-approved medicines for treating baldness; however, they should be taken only after consulting a medical professional who would assess your hair condition and advise the treatment accordingly.


Thus, in a comparative analysis of home remedies vs treatment for baldness, by a specialist, the latter is always advisable, especially if the hair loss is excessive or due to a medical condition. If you are seeking baldness treatment from a specialist, HairMD is a good hair clinic in Pune where expert hair doctors will give you the best consultation for your hair condition.

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