When is the Best Time for Hair Transplant?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | October 30, 2022

Best Time for Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant is one of the best treatments for baldness. One should undergo this medical procedure only after consulting an expert in the field and this surgery should be performed only by an experienced hair transplant surgeon. Most individuals who are advised of this surgery wonder what’s the best time for a hair transplant. They often ask whether it is better to undergo a hair transplant in summer or winter and which is the best month to take this hair loss treatment. Here we tell you the answer to when is the best time for a hair transplant and whether you should go for this surgery in summer or winter.

Best Time for Hair Transplantation 

The best time for a hair transplant is winter. Since this is the colder time of the year, you don’t sweat much and it gets easy to keep your scalp dry and sweat-free. The lifestyle during the winters includes more of an indoor time, and being indoors, not exercising much, and avoiding sun exposure are some of the after-care requirements of a hair transplant. Sweating, which occurs more in the summer season, may affect the healing process in a negative way, and limiting sun exposure could be difficult during this time of the year. You would have to refrain from activities like sunbathing and swimming because you won’t be allowed these after your hair transplant surgery. Due to these reasons, summer may not be a good time to undergo hair transplantation. 

The other reason why summer may not be the best time for surgery is that this time of the year is for vacations, outings, gatherings, and weddings. So, around this time, if you have just had a hair transplant, you will not be able to socialize much. On the other hand, if you have a hair transplant in winter, you will start to see hair growth results by summer.

Some newer studies say that the regeneration of the skin and implanted hair is better during the summers. Secondly, due to summer vacations, it is easier to take time off from work. So even summer can be considered as a good time to get a hair transplant.

The real answer to when is the best time to get a hair transplant is ‘when the patient is fully prepared to undergo the surgery’. Although winter is widely regarded as the best time for this surgery, it should also be noted that the success rate or results of the procedure are not based on the season or time of the year when it is undertaken. It is untrue that the growth or quality of the new hair after a hair transplant in summer is different from that of a hair transplant in winter or any other time of the year. 

Thus, the most important factor in deciding when to undergo a hair transplantation surgery is to see when the patient is prepared for it and what time of the year suits him best based on his social and work commitments. The hair condition of the individual, his/her age, as also his overall health are some other factors that a doctor would consider when deciding the time of the hair transplant. So, if you are going to undergo this surgery, do not worry much about which is the best time for the same. Your hair specialist will guide you best regarding whether you should opt for this surgery and when would be the best time to undergo the surgical procedure.

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