Why Do I Need To Take Minoxidil And Finasteride After Hair Transplant?


Blog, Hair Transplant | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 4, 2021

Why do I need to take minoxidil and finasteride after hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a hair restoration treatment to fix your baldness problem. We at HairMD, we get a lot of queries asking whether we need to take minoxidil and finasteride after a hair transplant or not. The truth is that you need to take them to get better hair growth in order to maintain the hair transplant further. I will give you detailed information about why taking medications after a hair transplant is important. 

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DHT is a hormone that causes hair follicles to miniaturize, and this contributes to male pattern hair loss. As DHT acts on hair which is situated on top of the scalp, it causes hair loss from the top of the scalp. Back of the scalp doesn’t have DHT receptors and is not affected by androgenetic baldness. When hair from the back of the scalp transplanted in the front of the scalp, as DHT is present in abundance at the top of the scalp. It is important if the patient has to take finasteride or minoxidil for the prevention from shedding off due to DHT right after Hair Transplant. Now, both of these drugs are not DHT blockers. The basic concept is to deviate the hair follicles from growing in one particular area of the head.

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Minoxidil and Finasteride

Minoxidil nor finasteride will leave an adverse effect on your transplanted hair. Although, many experts suggest that you do not need finasteride or minoxidil to protect transplanted hair. But it is highly advisable to take it. You will have transplanted hair which will be transferred amongst your original hair. The same hair will continue to fall and thin over the period.  This hair, which is prone to shedding, protected by finasteride which reduces hair loss in the future significantly. Make sure you should take these medications under the guidance of your dermatologist. As he is the best person to guide with how much dosage should be taken.


Dosage of Finasteride Minoxidil

Finasteride advised consuming when you can commit using it long-term. As it takes up to an entire year to see any effect. You can use minoxidil continually and regularly, provided you do not start and stop it. Minoxidil and finasteride are US FDA approved medications. In hair loss research these two are the only medications which can help you with hair regain.

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Do you need to take medication after hair transplant surgery?

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