Hair transplant review: Patient testimonial


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Hair transplant review

Thinking of a hair transplant then this blog will be very useful for you. You will get a clear picture of the realistic expectations about it. Hair transplant review and patient experience is a valuable asset to get the real image after hair transplant. I will give you complete information from the patient point of view and how he feels.

Hair transplant Patient story

I got a hair transplant about 2 years ago. Was so lured by my favorite celebrity’s photo that I assume a hair transplant be an overnight magical affair. I hoped to get out of the clinic and have hair as voluminous as those shampoo ads. Unfortunately, I did not factor in that there is a lot of editing and makeup involved in the process.

Although I medically paid attention to the regime of after hair transplant care. Such as washing gently when it came to scabbing and crusting. But within 3 weeks when I did not see much change. Then I thought everything is normal now and I don’t have to take care of my transplanted hair anymore. I hit the beach to make up for all the lost time with my children and family.  No sunscreen, no hat and crazy dosage of alcohol and nicotine. But after that, my hair transplant ruined day by day and I was helpless watching my dream of voluminous hairs shattering. Like every other patient, I started you blaming my hair transplant surgeon.

Must read

Facts that everyone should know before hair transplant

Hair transplant Tips

  1. Smoking and Alcohol hampers your transplanted hair and also affects hair growth otherwise. The reason behind this being, when you smoke, carbon monoxide level of your Red Blood Cells rises higher than normal. It becomes quite toxic and hazardous to the hair roots. The roots deprived of pure oxygen so after some days, these roots start to deteriorate and ultimately die.
  2. When you consume alcohol, your blood vessels constrict as alcohol as a vasoconstrictor and less amount of oxygen to the hair roots which causes hair loss. So it is good to practice abstinence from alcohol and smoking at least for 6 months after an FUE  hair transplant.
  3. As you used to have in your twenties or look like your look after hair transplant cropping up in many areas,  doctors will promise you that you can have quacks and untrained clinics. There are many favorite Bollywood stars etc, please don’t fall for these issues. Your look depends on many factors like donor area availability, hairline designing, your age, your face cut to mention a few.

Hair transplant Patient review

I did not realize that it takes at least 5-6 months for the hair to get back to normal and at least a year to get full normal. But I ended up being disheartened right since the beginning. I also did not expect any scabbing and crusting and just jumped to the conclusion that hair transplant gone wrong. Instead of going for a follow-up, I sat there not making a single tweak to my schedule.

After FUE Hair Transplant, I should have really paid attention to the hair transplant post care that follows. I am pretty sure that I would have full grown hair– maybe just like those advertisements I like. But hurrying, not having patience, falling prey to wrong advertising made me have so many unrealistic expectations about FUE hair transplant.

What to expect after hair transplant?

After hair transplant care: Not taken care

Then I visited HairMD clinic, I consulted Dr. Sachin Pawar and I came to know where exactly I went wrong. Firstly, I kept very unrealistic expectations from FUE hair transplant and secondly, I didn’t follow post-op instructions after FUE hair transplant. The third and the most dangerous mistake, I committed was considering FUE hair transplant to be overnight magic as mentioned before. Dr. Sachin Pawar rightly told me “ To have a successful hair transplant, you need to have a great skillful surgery. Aftercare and pre-care are equally important. (This was not told by my old hair transplant surgeon) I still cannot decipher, whether my past surgeon was wrong in selling dreams to me. Or was it my fault by not following post-op instructions. Either way, I ruined my surgery and botched hair transplant (maybe both of us are equally responsible).

As an experienced victim of bad hair transplant, I would like to give you these lessons. You watch this video so that you can get some information, which can be beneficial for you.

How to get a successful hair transplant?

Lets read the points carefully to get a successful hair transplant.

  • Select your doctor and clinic wisely, don’t fall for big mouth advertising.
  • Have extremely realistic expectations.
  • Successful hair transplant is not only good surgery, but it’s also about aftercare.

I would just request you to consult Dr. Sachin Pawar at HairMD (many of my friends did) to help you guide through the process and take proper after hair transplant care. Also, pay attention to what your doctors say- they are experts for a reason. I hope nobody suffers a fate like mine.

To know more, about our hair transplant success stories, please visit our Center. Do write to us for more queries.

Thank you for reading!

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