Sun exposure after Hair Transplant: What Precautions to take?


Blog, Hair Transplant | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | May 20, 2021

Sun exposure after Hair Transplant: What Precautions to take

Sun exposure after hair transplant

A hair transplant is a major surgery that requires a lot of precautions to be taken by the patient to ensure a high success rate. At HairMD, we get a lot of questions regarding taking vacations after hair transplants as people try to fit in both these tasks during a break. But, is sun exposure after a hair transplant a good idea? Why should you avoid Sun exposure after Hair Transplant?In this article, we guide you through the process of recovering from a hair transplant, the do’s and don’ts, precautions and more.

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Why should you avoid sun exposure after hair transplant?

Avoiding sun after hair transplant

The skin goes through a fair amount of surgical trauma during a hair transplant process, especially if it’s an FUE hair transplant. When you are recovering from these treatments, your scalp is incredibly sensitive, and excessive exposure to sunlight can be harmful because it can damage the areas where the grafts are newly implanted. Also, you have to note that the newly grafted skin is not yet capable of protecting itself from the sun’s harsh rays. This is because the chromophores that are responsible for protecting the skin from sunlight are inactive or damaged during the hair transplant process. It will take some time for them to regenerate. Excessive sun exposure can not only damage the new skin graft and implants, but it can also penetrate your scalp’s deep tissues and cause permanent harm.

How long should you avoid hair transplant sun exposure?

Sun exposure

Sun protection after hair transplant

Dermatologists advise protecting your scalp from direct sunlight exposure for two weeks after the FUE hair transplant procedure is done. The most effective way of protecting your sensitive scalp from direct sunlight is by wearing a hat. The hat should be practical and provide full coverage of the transplanted area. Avoid sunscreen, until your incisions are completely healed. Ensure that your scalp is completely covered when you head out.

Even after three months of the transplant procedure, it’s better that you wear some kind of protective headwear because your scalp will still be sensitive. If you are feeling any kind of discomfort that gets intense with time, then you must visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Avoiding sunlight after a hair transplant is all about minimizing the risk of any complications and allowing yourself to heal so that you experience the desired results.

Patient Case Study:

About two years ago, I was treating a patient who unfortunately got a sunburn within a month of his transplant. He was worried about the swelling when he visited me; the skin around the transplanted area was inflamed. The sites where the grafts were implanted were totally pale and white. This proved further that the native skin could darken to somewhat protect itself, but the skin of the grafts had not gained this sort of function to protect itself in such a short span.

It is important to not get excessive sun exposure until the hair is in good condition. You don’t need to worry about short intervals involving walking across the parking lot to your car but if you are going to sit out at a park or work in the yard or polish the car, then you need to protect your hair. If you’re careless during the recovery process a serious sunburn may stop new hair from growing.

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