Can I apply minoxidil solution without consulting a dermatologist?


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Minoxidil, a widely used topical solution for hair loss. Everyone who faces hair loss problem starts the use of minoxidil solution with or without dermatologists. Many people think and always ask questions randomly, Can I apply minoxidil solution without consulting a dermatologist? So let us discuss minoxidil and its usage.



Minoxidil is a US FDA approved medication which generally used in hair fall treatment. First of all this drug is developed for treating other diseases like osteoporosis, finally, it was found out that it gives a good result in controlling hair regrowth treatment. Minoxidil comes in the topical application form.

Minoxidil, widely used medication to postpone and control the hair fall. Nowadays this medication is almost available everywhere but never purchase this medication over the counter. Minoxidil should not be used on your own. It can be harmful in some cases. So to avoid its side-effects, it should not be used without dermatologists concern.

How does Minoxidil work for Hair Loss?


Minoxidil Dosage

Minoxidil solution is available in 3 variants 2%, 5%, 10%. Usually, minoxidil 2% prescribed to female and 5% and 10% to males by doctors to control hair fall. 1ml in the morning and 1 ml in the night prescribed to use. So, When you start using minoxidil, advised to use it for a lifetime. As stopping the usage of minoxidil might cause heavy hair fall. You can use minoxidil until you feel your hair important for you.

Minoxidil might cause some side effects like itching scalp, swelling face, high blood pressure, etc seen rarely in patient Minoxidil show almost good male pattern baldness results with long use of it.




Which is the best Minoxidil brand?

I get many questions from many patients over emails and on our youtube channel about minoxidil brands. They always ask, which is the best minoxidil brand? This is really very critical topic to discuss on this online platform, as it is against medical ethics. It’s always good to meet a dermatologist in person and with their prescription only start using this medication.




Minoxidil Over the Counter (OTC)

It’ is completely not advisable to use minoxidil over the counter. Don’t use it without doctor’s prescriptions. After a complete check-up of hair and scalp, you can use it. Minoxidil is advised to use twice a day. Nowadays its seen teenagers check on the internet and start using this medication without consulting any doctors. Then suddenly stop using this medication which starts their hair loss again. Minoxidil once started have to use for a long time. So, It is generally advised to use it for a lifetime. You can use it till you think your hair is very important to you.

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