Vitamin E For Hair Growth: Does Vitamin E help Hair Growth?


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Does Vitamin E help Hair Growth

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Hair fall makes us think twice before stepping out of our houses. It’s one of the most common hair problems women face. Hair fall is not only a matter of cosmetics but a matter of health as well. Hair loss can be caused by improper diet, stress, hormonal imbalances and much more. In this post, you will learn about how micronutrients and vitamins boost hair growth.

Our body needs vitamins and minerals. The essential vitamins which are very important for our body, skin, and hair are A, C, D, E, K and B complex vitamins. B1 Thiamine, B2 riboflavin, B3 niacin, B6 pyridoxine, folic acid, B12, biotin, pantothenic acid, and vitamin C. Well, people often ask us “How can I use Vitamin E for hair growth?”, or “How effective is Vitamin E oil for hair growth?” In this post, we will answer all your questions along with the benefits & side effects of Vitamin E.

Vitamin E Benefits for Hair Growth

Vitamin E refers to a group of fat-soluble compounds that are found abundantly in plants, but also exist in small amounts in some meat, fish, and dairy products. Vitamin E is important to general health because it helps regulate cell membranes and protects cells against free radical damage. As it is a potent antioxidant, vitamin E protects other vitamins from oxidative stress.

There are numerous vitamin E benefits for hair. Although some manufacturers market vitamin E as OTC natural hair growth products, its benefits are not limited to just hair appearance. Here are some of the most important benefits that vitamin E has to offer to you and your hair:

  • Vitamin E has antioxidant properties. It protects the hair and skin from tissue damage, sun damage, anti-aging, inflammation, etc.
  • Supports healthy scalp and gives good scalp blood circulations.
  • Protects the hair follicles from breakage from the hair roots.
  • Moisture the hair and helps against hair breakage.
  • Vitamin E also helps replenish shine lost due to sun or pollution damage.

Side Effects of Vitamin E

The side effects of vitamin E are rare and mild. It is completely safe when taken by a healthy individual within a limit. There are various dosages available depending on age, gender, and necessity. There are many OTC Vitamin E capsules for hair available in the market. You can take it orally or apply it to the skin or hair. If taking orally, then the recommended dosage of 6-10mg a day. For pregnant females, lactating mothers, children, or for a vitamin E deficient person – the dosages will vary vastly. Do talk to your doctor before consuming Vitamin E.

Overdosage of vitamin E can cause side effects like fatigue, headache, diarrhea, blurred vision. Bleeding is one of the serious side effects of vitamin E during pregnancy and can risk having unborn babies.

Pro Tip: You can use Vitamin E capsules for hair growth. Put a capsule in your bottle of hair oil and use it weekly once.

Vitamin E Foods for Hair

Vitamin E is a group of fat-soluble vitamins that are found naturally in large amounts in vegetable oils, wheat germ, nuts like almonds, sunflower seeds, and green leafy vegetables such as spinach. Topical application of vitamin E on the skin or hair enhances the health of these organs by improving the regular shedding of old skin cells.

  • It is mostly found in vegetable oils like soya bean oil, sunflower oil, etc.
  • Vitamin E is also found in nuts like almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, etc.
  • Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli are a good source of vitamin E.

Watch the video about the importance of vitamins for healthy hair.

Vitamin E Capsule for Hair

Vitamin E is mostly used in hair care and skin products. You can directly apply vitamin E oil for hair care. If you do not have any vitamin E enriched hair oil, make one at home by adding a vitamin E capsule for hair. You can also add a vitamin E capsule while massaging your hair. It protects the hair roots from damage, repairs the damaged hair follicles, gives good blood circulation, and moisturizes the hair. Certainly, Vitamin E is not only responsible for hair regrowth or controlling hair fall, but also ensures good and healthy hairs. The other vitamins which are equally responsible are Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Biotin, etc in giving you luscious, healthy, and dense hairs. It’s not very difficult to have healthy hair if we treat our hair from the initial period of hair loss.

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