How to get rid of dry scalp flakes due to minoxidil?


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How To Get Rid Of Dry Scalp Flakes Due To Minoxidil?

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What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil Flakiness: How to deal with it? 

How to Get Rid of a Flaky Scalp?

Minoxidil is a widely prescribed medication to treat hair fall or hair thinning (like most topical applications). Minoxidil does a lot of things: it works as an anti-hypertensive agent, promotes vasodilation of blood vessels, stimulates new hair follicles in the bald or thinning scalp, along with other benefits. 

But with all these benefits, there is also an associated side effect that is easily noticeable – dandruff over the scalp area. When people use it for a while, they might experience dry scalp flakes over the scalp. Since Minoxidil is working on increasing the blood flow (to the scalp) of the user, it can also lead to dryness in the affected areas as well.

These dry flakes are often referred to as minoxidil flakes. At HairMD, patients often ask us, ‘How to get rid of Minoxidil flakes?’ or ‘How to get rid of dry scalp?’ Well, I will try to answer all the queries along with the benefits and side effects of Minoxidil.

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a US FDA-approved drug that works well for pattern baldness and hair thinning in both men and women. It increases blood flow to the scalp. Minoxidil is found in different dosages – from 2% to 10 % and is prescribed depending on the patient’s hair condition. The 2% minoxidil solution helps hair growth in females while 5% and 10% minoxidil solution are used by males. 

Minoxidil should be used with a dermatologist’s concern only. Though this solution is an over-the-counter medication an overdose without a doctor’s consultation might harm your scalp. Doctors start with a low % of these medications, but as you progress with the result, then your dermatologist might increase the medication dosage. 

Minoxidil takes 5 to 6 months to show its effectiveness. You should use it continuously to maintain its effect. If you stop using it in the middle, then you can face excess hair fall.

Minoxidil is very effective for hair loss but it also has some side effects. Flakes or minoxidil dandruff is one of the side effects of Minoxidil. This is a common and temporary side effect and you can easily get rid of it.

Minoxidil Flakiness: How to deal with it?

Flakes or minoxidil dandruff can either be dried minoxidil or dried skin from the scalp. After figuring out what it is exactly, you can go with the treatment part. This condition is temporary. If you are using minoxidil regularly then you should know that it contains alcohol. So when you apply it every day on the scalp, the alcohol in it vaporizes and the remaining contents of minoxidil remain on the scalp which causes flakes.

How to Get Rid of a Flaky Scalp?

You can follow a few good habits to remove or avoid flakes. 

  • Try to wash your hair daily before the use of minoxidil. 
  • If your flakes are not reducing, you can use a medicated shampoo that contains ketoconazole. 
  • Make a practice of washing your head daily. If you can’t make it then at least wash your hair on alternate days. 
  • Maintain hygiene. If you feel itching, try to avoid scratching your flakes. It might end up causing bleeding or hair loss, which can worsen your problem.

I have tried giving you all the information about what are scalp flakes and how to get rid of them. As I always mention, you might get all the relevant information on hair loss, minoxidil, or hair loss treatment, but it is crucial that you consult a hair loss expert or a dermatologist.


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