How to get strong hair?


Female Hair Loss, Questions, Treatment | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 5, 2021

Having good and beautiful hair is a dream of everyone. Isn’t. We all love to have strong and beautiful hair. Good and thick hairs completely change a person’s look and increase confidence. If you are wondering how to get strong hair, then make sure to take good care of your hair. There are various factors because of which we face hair loss in today’s life, so today we will discuss those factors.

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As a dermatologist I wanted to say, if you really take care of our hairs from the beginning stages, then so much extreme treatments like hair transplant are not required.

How to get strong hair

How to strengthen weak hair roots?

Let’s discuss today each point in detail on how to make weak hair roots strong.

  • Poor nutrition and hair loss:

Nutrition plays a very vital role in our life, and it’s interconnected to having good hair. Poor nutrition and hair loss goes hand in hand. Having good protein-rich foods like tofu, paneer, soy products, milk, omega 3, 6 fatty acids, flax seeds, all fruits, vegetables, etc.  Try to avoid fried items as it doesn’t give you any nutrition. Drinking every day 3 to 4 liters of water is really important for hairs. All these changes in our life will help us to have very good and stronger hair for ages.


  • Vitamins for weak hair roots

Weak hair roots can be strengthened with the help of a proper diet aimed at boosting hair growth and good hair care aimed at maintaining the health and beauty of your hair. One of the primary causes of weak hair follicles is heat exposure. When exposed to heat treatments or even harsh chemicals, the hair weakens. Similarly, excessive styling wherein the hair is pulled or strained can lead to the weakening of the hair roots, effectively causing hair fall. Hormonal imbalance can lead to the weakening of the hair. Deficiencies of vitamins A, D, E, iron, zinc, biotin, folic acid or proteins can weaken the hair. Certain health conditions can cause the hair to weaken, eventually causing hair loss.

Since poor nutrition and hair loss are closely linked, a healthy diet can help in strengthening the hair roots. Vitamins for weak hair roots include A, C, D, E, biotin, and minerals that are helpful in keeping the air healthy including iron and zinc. A moisturized scalp is important to keep the hair strong, which is why deep conditioning is effective in strengthening weak hair. The other home remedies for weak hair roots include applying an egg yolk mask and daily scalp massage using essential oil.  

Thus, the best treatment for weak hair roots in males or females includes the above-mentioned remedies, along with following a proper diet and adopting a good hair care routine. If all this does not work, visit your dermatologist to find out the actual cause of hair fall and get the best treatment.

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  • Lack of sleep and hair loss:

A normal 8 hrs of sleep is must to have good health and hairs. Lack of sleep and hair loss is also interconnected with each other in many ways. Due to work pressure, stress and tension its seen everyone is not able to sleep for at least 8 hrs and which results in hair loss. Having good sleep and proper nutrition is one of the best for having good and beautiful hair.

  • Hereditary hair loss

Another biggest factor for hair loss is hereditary or genetics. It is not a disease but it is a normal cause of hair loss. But if you take care of your hairs from an earlier age, then you can protect your hair from hair loss. You should also take help from a dermatologist as they can help you out to maintain hairs for many years.

  • How to stop hormonal hair loss

Hormonal hair loss is seen in women and due to which they experience heavy hair fall. A Hormonal change plays a big role in hair loss. Make sure to meet a gynecologist get yourself checked and accordingly follow medications which will help you to control your hormonal levels. And at the same time, meet a dermatologist to get your hair fall under the control and follow a good diet. Reduce your stress level, have good nutritious and keep yourself hydrated so that you can control your hormonal level.

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If required you can undergo some treatments as well as PRP treatments, microneedling, Dermaroller with some US FDA approved medications like Minoxidil & Finasteride as well. All together when we follow the steps which can help you to experience good hair regrowth. Also, a dermatologist concern is also important at the beginning stage so that the chances of hair retention become more positive. Try to keep taking care of your hair, and don’t just wait for the last option like a hair transplant. Try to utilize the treatments available for hair loss.

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