How to stop hair loss in teenage girl?


Female Hair Loss, Questions | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | June 1, 2021

How To Stop Hair Loss In Teenage Girl?

Last few years I have experienced hair loss in teenage girls and due to which is affecting their self-confidence. Teenage hair loss in girls is a very serious problem everywhere. A lot of teenage girls are suffering from the problem of hair loss with there lifestyles. There are many factors which are also the reasons for hair loss problem. Today I will try to give you some insights on how to stop hair loss in teenage girls. 

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Causes of hair loss in teenage girls

Let’s check the reasons for hair loss so that you can be benefited.

  1. You get hair loss in teenage, the most important cause is due to a nutritional deficiency.
  2.  Another important cause of hair loss is genetically determined or dependant on hormones. It is important to understand whether your problem is due to nutritional causes or any other physiological cause.
  3. It can also be a genetic cause or a hormonal issue, especially PCOD, PCOS.
  4. When there is hypothyroidism, hair loss occurs quite frequently. All of these issues can be controlled with medication thus stopping the hair loss will be possible.
  5. Lack of sufficient sleep due to heavy study load and exam load can also result in teenage hair loss.

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Hair loss diet for teenage girls

Let’s know how a teenage girl can have a balanced diet to avoid hair loss.

  • When it comes to nutritional deficiency, mainly having good foods which contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals, proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, etc are good for your hair. There are also supplements if require to cure severe anemia or any other vitamin deficiency can be consumed, but make sure you consult a nutritionist or a dietician for better help for your hair.
  • If nutrition is the main cause, then altering the diet becomes the main treatment for teenage girls. Having foods like a good amount of protein-rich foods like pulses, eggs, white meat, soy products, toned milk tofu, paneer etc. Vitamin A, C, D and folic acid is good for hair loss. Along with some supporting measures, you can control your hair loss.
  • If we know the underlying problem, we can go ahead with dietary changes to make up for the deficiency of B12, B3 as well as protein. Along with dietary changes you need to keep yourself active and follow some home remedies for better hair loss control.

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5 Best foods for hair growth

Let’s check the list of foods which can help us in hair growth and can control hair loss.

  1. Eggs: It is having a good amount of protein and biotin so it promotes hair growth. Biotin is good in producing hair protein which is known as keratin.
  2. Spinach: It is one of the healthy leafy vegetables we know and is completely packed with vitamin A, C, folate, iron. So don’t forget to add this in your diet.
  3. Avocados: It is rich in essential fatty acids and also rich in vitamin C and helps in promoting hair growth.
  4. Soybeans: High in proteins and helps in promoting hair growth. Adding in your diet helps you in protecting your hairs.
  5. Flax seeds: Do you know it is also rich in vitamin E, selenium, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids. Adding 1 spoon of flax seeds on your diet is good in increasing your hair growth.

Watch this video to know more information and tips on how to control hair loss.

Hair Thinning/ Baldness Solution for Teenage Girls

Hair thinning due to excessive hair loss which further leads to baldness is a common condition experienced by men and women alike. The main reasons for baldness include genetics, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, or certain medications or therapies. Hair loss may also result from aging, but that occurring in one’s teenage years is definitely linked with one of the earlier mentioned reasons for hair loss. Here we look at the causes of hair fall in teenage females and baldness treatments for them.

A receding hairline in a teenage girl may occur due to genetics. If she has an immediate family member with baldness, there is a high possibility of her facing the same hair condition and it can start even at an early age. Here, the hair of the teenage girl starts thinning, leading to bald patches, which may further result in thinning in the middle partition of the hairline or total baldness.

The condition of hair falling out in a teenage girl could be a side effect of certain medicines that she is taking or a therapy she is undergoing (if any), wherein the hair loss problem would resolve after that medicine or therapy is stopped.

Baldness in a teenage girl may also occur due to nutrient deficiencies, which can be treated by increasing the intake of the deficient nutrient through foods or supplements with the advice of a doctor.

If hormones are causing a receding hairline, restoring hormonal balance would be the best hair loss treatment for that teenage girl. This should be preceded by a blood test to detect whether the hormonal imbalance is the cause for hair loss.

Thus, how to stop a receding hairline in teenage girls is mainly based on the underlying cause of her hair condition. Minoxidil and finasteride are popularly used medicines to treat hair loss. PRP therapy, laser treatment, nano fat hair restoration, and hair transplant are among the most effective medical procedures to fight baldness. There are different treatment options to combat hair loss, so, how to regrow hair for a teenage girl is best answered by an expert in the field.


If dietary changes and home remedies do not work, then it is important to consult a dermatologist. It is very important to protect your hair and control your hair fall. Teenage hair loss in girls is seen a lot, so the initial stage onwards tries to take care of your hair problem. Hairs are very important in giving a complete look and make you younger. We also have started with video consultations for outside Maharashtra patients. Do share with your friends and family members if you think this article is helpful for you.

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