Is Hair transplant a right choice for me?


Hair Transplant, Questions | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | June 1, 2021

Day by day you feel frustrated with your hair loss problem and keep thinking to get a hair transplant. But still thinking that Is hair transplant is a right choice for me. Having lots of such questions in your mind and looking for solutions. I’m Dhananjay Chavan will try to give you all answers to your questions.

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I have experience many patients are fascinated with the idea of getting a hair transplant done. They might have heard about it from a friend or read in the newspaper or media or the internet. Those patients come to me asking to get a hair transplant done but without knowing whether you are a good candidate for hair transplant or not. Along with knowing the reasons for hair transplant candidate you also should know why hair transplant fail

Why hair transplant fail?

Let’s discuss the criteria which can make your hair transplant procedure may fail.

  • If your hair transplant is done by an inexperienced surgeon.
  • Don’t go for a hair transplant if your hair fall is not stable, which may result in hair transplant failure.
  • If the extraction of the grafts not done with proper punches.
  • While extracting the hair grafts from the donor area, if your grafts damages.
  • In case if you are not an ideal candidate for hair transplant and you undergo hair transplant surgery.
  • If Post-surgery proper care not taken.
  • After a hair transplant, if you ignore proper medications prescribed by your surgeon is also a big reason.
  • If you don’t maintain proper hygiene after the surgery which can lead to more serious infection.
  • Many times its seen that clinics do not give complete information about hair transplant procedure. It’s important to do complete research and then only go for your hair transplant. Clinic’s and doctor’s reputation is very important.
  • You should not be carried away with high fi advertisement given by your dermatologist.
  • In a day not more than 3500 to 4000 grafts should be extracted, the safety of the patients is very important.

Why I’m a good candidate for hair transplant?

Let’s check the criteria which make you a suitable candidate for hair transplant.

  1. You have tried all conservative methods to control hair loss like medicinal therapy, low-level laser light therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy. But all these treatments have not worked for you.
  2. Hair loss/baldness permanently settled.
  3. If you are suffering from androgenetic alopecia.
  4. Your baldness doesn’t have any underlying pathological disease as a cause.
  5. If you don’t have a diffuse hair loss as in hair loss all over the head.
  6. Perfectly healthy donor area, you should have.
  7. Similarly, your donor area has a good amount of donor’s hairs.
  8. Unrealistic expectations from a hair transplant, don’t keep in your mind.
  9. Once Hair transplant completed, you are ready to take proper aftercare to avoid having infections, etc.
  10. After Hair Transplant, you need to take medications like minoxidil and finasteride at least for 6 months.

So, if you satisfy at least 6 criteria as mentioned above then certainly hair transplant is the right choice for you.

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Is hair transplant always successful?

I have tried giving you all the information related to Is hair Transplant the right choice for you.  Professionals from HairMD Clinic have experience in guiding patients through both the treatments for hair loss and optimizing them maximally. Kindly do comment and share this article with your friends, if you think it is helpful. We hope for your speedy recovery. You can contact us at HairMD Clinic for any queries or consultation regarding hair loss and its treatment. For your betterment, we have also started with a video consultation with our expert doctors.

Thank you for your precious time you gave in reading this article.

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