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FUE Hair Transplant

Can I wear a helmet after hair transplant

Everyone loves having denser, beautiful and thicker hairs, but due to hair loss in the middle ’30s and ’40s, there comes hair transplant treatment. It is one of the successful methods of restoring hair fall. In this method, the hair roots or the grafts are extracted from the backside of the scalp and then implanted on the bald area.


Can I wear helmet after hair transplant


Hair transplant facts

Let’s talk about some facts of hair transplant after surgery:

  • After hair transplantation, it’s important to take medications in a regular interval in a specific time of the day.
  • You should sleep in an upright semi-sitting position for at least 3 days after a hair transplant.
  • Apply antibiotic for 3 times a day, as said by your surgeon.
  • Spray the roots with water for at least 20 mins in a day.
  • Avoid doing heavy exercise after hair transplant surgery.


When can one start exercising after FUE?


  • Don’t wash your scalp after a hair transplant.
  • Don’t use a hair drier after a hair transplant.
  • Don’t use steam or sauna for 2 weeks after hair transplant.
  • Proper follow up after surgery is must and should.
  • Don’t wear any helmet or hat for 3 weeks after hair transplant.

Can you wear a helmet after hair transplant?

Let’s talk about hats and helmet and how it plays the role after hair transplant:

  • After 3 weeks you are allowed to wear the helmet and hat as the surgery area can create irritations and disturbance.
  • The hair grafts are very fragile and sensitive so should be avoided any kind of hats and helmets on the scalp.
  • Sudden pressure will harm the roots and due to which the roots can fall out.
  • After hair transplant your scalp tends to be more sensitive, so anything hard can possible to damage the roots.
  • Wearing hats or helmet will make your scalp to sweat which is harmful to your scalp.

The post care of hair transplant is utmost important as the way you treat your hair in maintaining, helps in healing your hairs in a much better and faster way. Hairs give you confidence and strength so handles and protects it with most care. Proper follow up with your surgeon after 3 days post surgery for your first hair wash after transplant. Follow the process at home and use antiseptic shampoo to avoid infections.



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