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How to sleep after FUE hair transplant?

Do you know that every day there are 1000’s of FUE hair transplant happening in our country? But still, many patients are confused about how to sleep after FUE Hair Transplant. If you have undergone hair transplant, you might have the same question in your mind too. Don’t worry, you are a lucky person to visit our website. I will be extremely fortunate to give you complete detailed guidelines.

First of all, congratulations on having the safest and successful way to gain hairs back by FUE Hair Transplant. Nowadays it’s seen every person who is suffering from baldness is opting for FUE hair transplant in the hope of getting full hairs on the scalp and gaining back their confidence. Getting hair transplant done by the right surgeon and at the correct clinic is really very important. But along with this, care after a hair transplant is also important. Sleeping position after a hair transplant is one of those key parameters in aftercare hair transplant for better results.

Let’s see what will happen if you sleep in the wrong position:

  • Your grafted area can get damage if you don’t sleep in the correct position.
  • In case if you sleep on your tummy, which is also not the correct position then there are chances of excess swelling on your face.
  • If you have done your hair transplant on the temporal area, then you should avoid sleeping sideways.

How to sleep after FUE hair transplant

Sleeping position after FUE hair transplant :

Now as you have undergone FUE hair transplant and facing difficulty in choosing your sleeping position. Just be relax and follow these points, to get good sleep:

  • Sleeping upright on your bed is the best way to sleep after FUE hair transplant.
  • Lie on your back, fix a soft pillow below your head according to your comfort.
  • Try and keep your head little elevated with the use of a pillow in a proper way.
  • You can also sleep in 45-degree inclined till the 5th day after surgery.
  • You can even fix a pillow to avoid hitting your head on the wooden panel your bed.

Facing difficulty sleeping after FUE hair transplant?

One of the very common fears which everyone faces after FUE  hair transplant surgery is how to manage to sleep after FUE hair transplant procedure. Keeping this fear out of your mind, even you can fix your sleeping pattern for the first few days. After FUE Hair transplant you experience swelling for 4-5 days, which gives discomfort and confusion about how to sleep.

When can I sleep normally after FUE Hair transplant?

Now you are already aware of your sleeping position so relax. I will guide you to know when to resume your normal sleep.

  • After your hair transplant is done, you need to be conscious just for few days. So don’t panic.
  • As your hair transplant is done, after your 6th day of the surgery you can start to sleep in your normal position.
  • Just for a few days, you need to manage your discomfort, to protect your hair grafts.

Hair transplant care after surgery:

Likewise, let’s discuss do’s and don’ts after the Hair transplant procedure.

  • You shouldn’t wash your scalp until the 5th day after surgery.
  • Definitely, you shouldn’t panic if you see swelling on your face for 4 to 5 days, as it’s really very common.
  • Avoid having smoking and drinking till 4 weeks as it is not advisable.
  • It is obvious that you will get itching on your scalp, but you have to avoid doing it. In fact, you can even spray with saline water in the operated area of your scalp.
  • It is very important to avoid fluid retention on the scalp which creates swelling.
  • Need to Consult your surgeon after the surgery for your first wash.
  • Please avoid rubbing your new hairline on the pillow while fixing your sleeping position.


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After effects of Hair transplant:

  • After a few weeks of hair transplant, you may start getting hair shedding and its temporary.
  • It is common so don’t panic in this situation.
  • This is called Telogen effluvium which is you can experience for a few weeks only.
  • You should take proper medication given by your surgeon for better healing.
  • You should avoid wearing a hair helmet or cap after a hair transplant, as it creates lots of sweating on your scalp.


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I have tried giving you all the information’s about FUE Hair transplant in details. Kindly do comment and share this article with your friends, if you think it is helpful. We hope for your speedy recovery. For more information, you can call us on +91-7888091119 ., our support team will be delighted to solve your queries. For your betterment, we have also started with a video consultation with our expert doctors.

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