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FUE Hair Transplant

Are FUE Scars Repairable?

Are FUE scars repairable?

Can the appearance of fue hair transplant scars be reduced? Dr. Sachin Pawar hair transplant surgeon guide you on FUE scar repair or not.

Can I Grow Long Hair After Hair Transplant?

Can I Grow Long Hair After Hair Transplant?

With the correct post-operative care and the right hair care routine, you can achieve long and dense hairs after hair transplant surgery?

What Are Grafts In Hair Transplant?

What are Grafts in Hair Transplant?

What are grafts in hair transplant? Grafts can be 1,2,3, or 4 hair. Let us see why grafts are so important in hair transplant surgery.

Diet After Hair Transplant Surgery

Diet After Hair Transplant Surgery

Do you know which foods promote hair growth after hair transplant surgery? Learn what diet should follow after surgery to promotes hair growth.

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