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Female Hair Loss

What is the hair growth cycle

We all know how hair is important in our life, as it completely changes one’s appearance. Hair looks so simple but it is more complex than its color and texture. Hair loss can happen to male and female at any age. If you are also facing the same then you should know...

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Does minoxidil work on frontal baldness?

Female Hair Loss You are losing your hairs every day and which is very frustrating, so thinking of a good medication which can control your hair loss problem. After doing a lot of research on the internet now you have come across minoxidil. We all know Minoxidil is a...

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Home remedies for healthy hair

Female Hair Loss Female Hair Loss: hair loss in women, causes and treatment. Now a days, hair loss and thinning in women is common. Some time due to genetics or certain medical reasons like thyroid etc. Hair loss in women is observed. The...

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What are the best Vitamins for hair growth?

Female Hair Loss You are on the initial phases of hair loss and getting frustrated seeing a lot of hairs on your bathroom. Do you know that our hairs are the toughest and fastest growing tissue in our body? Yes, hairs are also made up of keratin pigment, which is a...

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