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Female Hair Loss

How long does it take to regrow hair after hair loss

Hello, Our hairs are a very important part of our body and we take utmost care of our hairs to look good and better. There are various reasons for hair loss which are genetic factors, lack of nutrition etc. Treatment For Hair Regaining
  • Basic consultation from a dermatologist is required to get your scalp checked and follow the prescription.
  • Depending on the hair condition, medication and procedures are required to regain the hair back.
  • Regaining of hair depends on the present hair condition.
  • The time required to regain hair back depends on the type of hair loss, grade of baldness, the type of treatments used to treat hair loss.
  • During the initial period of hair fall, only medications might help you to regain your hair back.
  • It’s always very important to follow the prescription only, don’t use over the counter medications, it can be very dangerous to health.
Various treatments like PRP, LLLT therapy, mesotherapy, microneedling, hair transplant. These treatments will help you if you consult the doctor in the initial phase of your hair loss. PRP:- In this treatment, we take 10 to 40 ml of your blood and then we centrifuge it and finally after centrifuge we take out the concentrated growth factors and then inject into the scalp. This treatment helps in blood circulation and improves the quality of the hair roots.

Is PRP effective for hair loss?

  LLLT: This is called low-level laser light therapy, in this treatment, the laser lights run on the scalp and help to make your hair roots much stronger.
  Mesotherapy: This treatment goes only to the middle layer of the skin only. In this treatment, we inject multiple injections with nutrients, which promote hair regrowth.  

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  Microneedling: In this treatment, we use derma roller or a derma pen and run it completely over the scalp area where scanty of hair is present, which gives strength to the roots and helps to get healthy hair.  

Does Dermaroller work for hair loss

  Hair transplant: This treatment is the final and last treatment if a person has lost 75 to 80% of the hairs. In this treatment hair, roots are taken from the donor area and transplanted in the empty scalp. The transplanted hairs are permanent and need to take care to maintain through lifelong. I have explained you the treatments to control hair regaining and can visit our clinic to more about each treatment.

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