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Female Hair Loss

How to apply minoxidil and hair oil for hair loss


Kya hum minoxidil and hair oil eksath laga sakte he? Ha to kaise?


If you want to use minoxidil and hair oil. Then how effectively you can use both without hampering minoxidil action or hair oil action. The main function of hair oil is acting as a conditioner. The action of minoxidil is it prevents further hair loss in pattern baldness or it grows hair on the vertex of a bald person. If you want to use both Minoxidil & hair oil, then hair oil it should be used before half an hour of the bath to the whole scalp or you can use hair oil after a bath.

How to apply Hair Oil:-  Take hair oil in your palm then add little amount of water mix it and apply only on hair shaft doesn’t apply on scalp skin. Hair oil acts as a conditioner it will give its effect.

Watch what our Dr. Dhananjay Chavan MBBS, DVD has to say how to apply Minoxidil & hair oil.


US FDA has approved minoxidil for postponing or preventing the baldness or thinning of hair especially in pattern baldness either male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. Initially, 2% minoxidil was approved for baldness in both in female and male. But Minoxidil 5% approved especially or mainly for male pattern baldness. Minoxidil 5% grows hairs in the vertex area but it is not useful in receding line to grow hair or frontotemporal area.

How to apply Minoxidil:- You can apply Minoxidil 1ml in the morning & 1ml at night.


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