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Female Hair Loss

How to get strong hair

Question:- I have thin freezy hair with hair fall. I want to change my lifestyle to get strong long hair.


Having good and beautiful hair is a dream of everyone. Good and thick hairs completely change a person’s look and increase confidence. There are various factors because of which we face hair loss in today’s life, the factors like poor nutrition, lack of good sleep, heredity, hormonal changes etc. if we take care of our hairs from the beginning stages, then so much extreme treatments like hair transplant is not required.

Let’s talk about all the factors in details, which will help us to control our hair loss.

  • Poor nutrition: Nutrition plays a very vital role in our life, and it’s interconnected to give you good hair. Having good protein-rich foods like tofu, paneer, soy products, milk, omega 3, 6 fatty acids, and flax seeds, all fruits, and vegetable etc. Avoiding all fried items. Drinking a good amount of water. All these changes in our life will help us to have very good hairs for ages.

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  • Lack of sleep: A normal 8 hrs of sleep is must to have a good lifestyle and good hairs. Due to work pressure, its seen everyone is not able to sleep for 8 hrs and which results in hair loss. having good sleep and proper nutrition is one of the best for controlling hair loss.


  • Heredity: Another big factor for hair loss is genetics. But if you take care of your hairs from an earlier age, with the above mention reasons, and with dermatologist concern then it will help you to maintain hairs for long years.
  • Hormonal changes: In these factors, most women are seen to have heavy hair fall. A Hormonal change plays a big role in hair loss. Make sure to meet a gynecologist and start with the medications which will help you to control your hormonal levels. And at the same time, meet a dermatologist to get your hair fall under control and follow a good diet


Keeping all these factors in mind from the beginning then it will be beneficial to have good and thick hairs. If required you can undergo some treatments as well as PRP treatments, micro needling, Derma roller with some USA FDA approved medications like Minoxidil & Finasteride as well. All together when we follow these factors and take help of dermatologist at the beginning stage then chances of hair retention become more positive.

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