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Female Hair Loss

i am 32 year old female suffering from hair loss, my doctor prescribed a minoxidil, will it work?

Yes, Minoxidil does work in hair loss in female as well as in male. actually, the discovery of the use of minoxidil is very accidental. this drug was under clinical trial for blood pressure but researchers came to know that its actually helping hairs to regrow, Bingo!!!! minoxidil works for hair loss. but how ? it actually helps by increasing the blood flow acting as a vasodilator at hair capillaries and strengthen them increasing the follicular size and shaft diameter. Minixidil promotes hair growth in 4 ways by
  1. extending growth phase of each follicle
  2. increasing blood flow to the follicles, in turn, increasing amount of nutrition and increase in growth.
  3. reversing miniaturisation of hair follicles
  4. extending growth phase of hair follicles.
  5. stimulating hair follicles from resting to the growth phase.
So minoxidil works for hair loss, but the funny part is the drugs which belong to the same class as minoxidil does, doesn’t work for hair loss. Minoxidil also is known as the trade name of Rogaine, there is another medication which is usually prescribed for hair loss in female and male. There are other treatment modalities also available for hair loss like 
  1. Platelet rich plasma therapy
  2. Mesotherapy
  3. micro needling
  4. Low-level laser light therapy

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